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If I prank call the Australian Radio Station.....

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Goldmandra Fri 07-Dec-12 20:11:36

....and tell them they're on a charge of corporate manslaughter?

I wonder how funny they would find that angry

MrsChristmasBungle Fri 07-Dec-12 21:30:09

The Royal Family were not duped. It was the nurses who took the call that were duped.

Goldmandra Fri 07-Dec-12 21:39:15

"a prank call that did not divulge any sensitive info should not be blown out of proportion"

That was more by luck than judgement.

It was an irresponsible action which they took knowing they were risking divulging confidential information.

They also knew that if they succeeded someone would probably be in a lot of trouble. I know she wasn't disciplined but this hospital isn't the first victim of a call like this and it won't be the last.

VicarInaTutuDrankSantasSherry Fri 07-Dec-12 21:39:52

how incredibly sad, that poor nurse.

CaliforniaSucksSnowballs Fri 07-Dec-12 21:42:06

It was a stupid joke with no malice intended I'm sure, but I can't help wondering why the nurse felt that she had no other way out than to take her own life??

Because being the butt of a stupid joke and having the world laughing at you is a lot like being bullied and can be devastating. Who knows, maybe she was fragile to start with, and them not knowing that is reason good for not playing stupid pranks on people you don't know. You never know what will push someone over the edge and now she's dead and her children have no mother.
The radio stations here do these dumb calls, and I have to turn them off it's horrible.

CaliforniaSucksSnowballs Fri 07-Dec-12 21:42:45

*good reason.

saffronwblue Fri 07-Dec-12 21:45:22

Oh no! It is nothing to so with royalty. It is the cruel and idiotic culture of prank calls.

girlylala0807 Fri 07-Dec-12 21:49:39

Did I read another prank on the same station lead to a young girl revealing she had been raped or sexually assaulted live on air? Going to check.

girlylala0807 Fri 07-Dec-12 21:53:30

That story may be distressing for some

VicarInaTutuDrankSantasSherry Fri 07-Dec-12 21:57:29

what vile utter bastards. The bbc also mentioned they had bullied the 14 year old into saying she had been raped on air. The djs response to that shows what a vile excuse for a human he is.

Viviennemary Fri 07-Dec-12 21:59:54

I wasn't going to post on this again. What on earth do people want now. The DJ's to do something tragic. It was a silly prank. They cannot be held responsible for this tragedy.

JamieandtheMagiTorch Fri 07-Dec-12 22:00:27

Agree with California

Doinmummy Fri 07-Dec-12 22:02:13

I don't know what the DJ's were trying to achieve by the call. If they thought whoever answered the phone would just hang up on them, then what was the point??

Itsaboatjack Fri 07-Dec-12 22:03:20

This wasn't 'just' a pank call that was aired in their local area and forgotten about, they knew this would make international news. These poor women were made to look like fools all around the world. This was bullying on an epic scale.

And as someone else said hey had previously tricked a 14yr old girl to admit she wa raped live on air. You'd think they would have learnt from that experience that these things have repercussions.

JamieandtheMagiTorch Fri 07-Dec-12 22:03:30

I agree with that as well Doinmummy

The intention behind many practical jokes is never anything very - for want of a better word- kind is it?

Goldmandra Fri 07-Dec-12 22:06:16

What on earth do people want now

Like I said upthread. I would like these broadcasters to review their policies and call a halt to prank calling on air.

Doinmummy Fri 07-Dec-12 22:10:54

It was a cruel thing to do. I view it as similar to making prank calls to the 999 service . Wasting people's time who are looking after sick patients.

I'm trying to put myself in the DJs shoes. If it was suggested to me that I was to make that call I would have questioned it . I wonder who's idea it was , the DJs or the producers?

Zavi Fri 07-Dec-12 22:12:00

What also needs to be considered in this case is how concerned this poor nurse undoubtedly would have been over how her nursing governing body would have dealt with her following this incident.

The nurses governing body - the NMC - regularly strikes nurses off their register, so that they can no longer practice as a nurse, for failures over blood sugar sampling. That is a fact.

It is a body that likes to beat nurses with a stick for the smallest mistake.

Unlike the GMC - the doctors governing body - who back their medics to the hilt when mistakes are made.

The NMC, with their stick-beating approach to nurses, also need to be brought into this equation in my view.

TakingBackMonday Fri 07-Dec-12 22:12:24

I'm sorry to be insensitive but this is tragic all round, for the djs too. What was meant to be a joke has not only ended their careers but they will have this hanging over them for the rest of their lives.

Of course does not compare to Jacintha and her family, but I do feel sorry for them too

Doinmummy Fri 07-Dec-12 22:14:25

They could have refused to make the call

differentnameforthis Fri 07-Dec-12 22:14:54

Those standing up for the DJs/Station etc, bear in mind that not too long ago they also hit headlines after anotehr DJ of theirs practically forced a 14yr to confess she was raped at the age of 12. She was hooked up to a lie detector & her mother was allowed to ask her questions LIVE on air about her drinking/drugs. her motehr didn't know about the rape when she asked her daughter "have you ever had sex"

They are also under licensing conditions for the above, so they obviously haven't learned anything form that!

They should be ashamed.

meditrina Fri 07-Dec-12 22:16:25

The BBC has just reported that the nurse, despite reassurances and no complaint being made, no disciplinary action by the hospital and support from colleagues, was inconsolable over the past days.

It is a very sad and very grubby episode.

TakingBackMonday Fri 07-Dec-12 22:16:50

Did they know the girl had been raped? Surely the girl was a willing participant.

It's tragic all round

MrsBW Fri 07-Dec-12 22:19:31

The call was pre recorded and signed off as being ok for broadcast by producers and lawyers. That should not have happened.

I would say that there absolutely was confidential information divulged in the course of that call. Some of the British press are not broadcasting the full content. They talked about how she was feeling. That to me, is confidential and information that should be known by Catherine (or any other non-Royal patient for those banging on about the ridiculousness of us plebs 'worshipping' the Royals) her doctors, and her family.

That the nurse committed suicide is not the fault of the DJs. But on privacy grounds alone, it should never had been broadcast.


Doinmummy Fri 07-Dec-12 22:21:39

I've listened to some of the call ( make me feel sick so turned it off) that poor nurse was totally conned. To hear the DJs sniggering and taking the piss was just nasty( especially with the knowledge that we now know what happened to the nurse). Even if she had not died, it still made for uncomfortable listening.

differentnameforthis Fri 07-Dec-12 22:23:50

They cannot be held responsible for this tragedy

Even thought they so clearly are? There would have been no death if they had not made that call. To me, that says they are responsible.

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