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to think my friend is lying about being drugged?

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LondonButterfly Fri 07-Dec-12 17:33:24

So last Saturday night we had a girls night out (group of 7).

Walking to a different bar, some walking further ahead etc. I was at the back (damn ridiculous high heels!) when we reached one of my friends(A) in floods of tears. Apparently one of our friends (B) had told A that friend (C) was dead.

(Friend C was out with us at the time but was much further ahead of us). Friend A thought she'd been in some sort of accident and was inconsolable - I think obviously this was heightened with how much she had to drink.

After an argument between A and B when the truth was friend C was fine. Que friend B storming off. I called her and she said she was in a taxi on the way home.

All is forgiven now. But friend B keeps saying that she only said what she did because someone drugged her in the bar we had just left.

aibu to think she is just lying about being drugged because she's quite embarrassed about what she said?

Acky123 Fri 07-Dec-12 17:36:26

confused They all - or at least A and B - must have been absolutely bolloxed to think that one of their friends who was really walking up ahead was dead confused

chrismissymoomoomee Fri 07-Dec-12 17:37:13

Does it really matter? Maybe she felt like she had been, maybe she drank too much who knows. All is forgiven now anyway so YABU to keep it going.

44SoStartingOver Fri 07-Dec-12 17:38:51


How is that a night out? What state was everyone in?

Sounds nuts

LondonButterfly Fri 07-Dec-12 17:40:13

Well I said the incident was forgiven. But I also said that friend B keeps going on about it.

I've never brought it up actually and kept my suspicions to myself.

TeamBacon Fri 07-Dec-12 17:40:14

Sounds like she'd just drunk too much. It really pisses me off when people say when they've been drugged when in all likelihood they've just drunk a shitload.

badtime Fri 07-Dec-12 17:40:25

Some people think they have been drugged, but when tested the only drug in their system is alcohol.
Your friend was pished, and it may have affected her more than she expected, or she may just be odd.

Also it is 'Cue friend B...'

Geranium3 Fri 07-Dec-12 17:40:49

don't know about a group of 7, you all sound like a bunch of year 7 schoolchildren!!!

BunnyLebowski Fri 07-Dec-12 17:41:30

You all sound like hot drunk childish messes.


WinklyVersusTheZombies Fri 07-Dec-12 17:42:14

Tbh that sounds way more like drugged behaviour. Alcohol can make people paranoid, true, but doesn't usually induce delusions (other than of the "I'm a great singer" variety)

Why are you so reluctant to believe her?

Caerlaverock Fri 07-Dec-12 17:43:09

Freakolas, at no point did a say 'don't be a twat c is up ahead of us?'?

TeamBacon Fri 07-Dec-12 17:43:24

When she says drugged, what exactly does she mean?

KittyFane1 Fri 07-Dec-12 17:43:58

This thread is one of the many reasons I am happy I am no longer young or stupid.

LondonButterfly Fri 07-Dec-12 17:45:13

TeamBacon someone slipped something into her drink.

Friend C wasn't in viewing distance.

FolkElf Fri 07-Dec-12 17:50:56

Tell you what, if you all behave like grown ups and don't insist on getting completely obliterated then you won't have these confusing and childish problems.

Exactly how out of it would you have to be to believe that your friend who you were out with and was walking up ahead of you had somehow died in an accident.

WinklyVersusTheZombies Fri 07-Dec-12 17:51:53

Does it matter? Either your friend drank herself into a stupid state, or she wasn't careful with her glass and someone slipped her something, but friend c is fine, nobody got hurt, you'll never prove the drugged theory either way, and the argument doesn't seem damaging.

LondonButterfly Fri 07-Dec-12 17:54:01

FolkElf where did I say that I was "completely obliterated"?

Because I didn't. I had 4 drinks that night.

I was walking behind with a friend and caught up with friend A who was crying.

Merrycuckingfistmas Fri 07-Dec-12 17:56:50

I think if friend C had actually been drugged she probably wouldn't even remember what she said, if it was a date rape drug then she will have passed out, when she woke the next day would have no recollection of what happened and it would probably have taken 3 or 4 days to get over it.

Merrycuckingfistmas Fri 07-Dec-12 17:57:33

Friend B sorry not C

KittyFane1 Fri 07-Dec-12 17:57:37

So not obliterated then? Seems like you were all very confused for a group of 'just tipsy' girls.

LaQueen Fri 07-Dec-12 17:58:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeamBacon Fri 07-Dec-12 18:01:02

Agree with Merry - if she'd actually been drugged then walking and talking and buggering off in a taxi are rather unlikely. You black out and it affects you for a long time afterwards.

Pancakeflipper Fri 07-Dec-12 18:02:54

So A & B thought C had died on the walk to the next alcohol intake?

StickEmUp Fri 07-Dec-12 18:04:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LondonButterfly Fri 07-Dec-12 18:13:35

KittyFane1 what? when did I use the phrase 'tipsy girls'?

Some of us drank more than others. We don't all drink the same.

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