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To think that the boundaries of neighbourliness have been breached?

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WelshMaenad Thu 06-Dec-12 20:13:16

I've posted before about how I've been helping the landlords of a property in our street.

The tenants are now in, there were complications in getting the property ready (prev tenant nicked the boiler!) and I'm glad I took the money they offered as I ended up spending several days sorting things out as well as putting money on the electricity meter so the plumber could use power tools etc.

The new tenants are very nice. HOWEVER, they seem to think I am some sort of 24/7 unpaid PA and it is really starting to grate.

They have called/text/turned up in my doorstep numerous times, wanting me to sort problems that they ought to be raising with the landlord, or just dealing with themselves. When their tenancy start was delayed I offered to drop the key up to them when they could have it, they immediately said "oh, you can give us a lift back so we can start bringing some stuff down!". I got out if that one due to having kids in the car and not enough space!

Then they wanted help getting access for a sky engineer. I said I'd happily let soneone in if ibwas here but has school run wtc and couldn't guarantee to be waiting in for them to come. They repeatedly went in about not knowing how early the buses started to get here to wait themselves, clearly waiting for me to offer to go pick them up - a 30 minute round trip at 7am when I had kids to get ready! I did not offer, but it took a while if them hopping from foot to foot in my lounge whilst ibwas trying to eat lunch for them to get the message and go.

I spent hours on hold to their energy supplier getting the previous tenant's debt wiped from the electricity meter, and ordering a replacement gas key. Last night I came home to find them say in the doorstep if my darkened house waiting for me, with a tale if woe of debt in the gas meter and could I phone eon and the washing machine wasn't working (left by previous tenant, made clear not part of the let and if not working would not be replaced) and fridge not getting very cold (ditto) and some problem with tap in kitchen and could I come and look... I had two half frozen children needing bed and ended up agreeing to send my husband down when he got home. He went, returned, proclaimed "it's fucked, and it's not our problem". He told them to ring landlord to get a handyman to sort the tap.

Tonight I put the kids to bed early as they were tired, and tried to get some sleep myself as I'm in a night shift, only to be woken by door knocking. And more knocking. And then shouting of my name through the letterbox. I ignored it but now I'm awake, the kids are awake, and I'm very tired and cheesed off.

I am normally the one campaigning for more neighbourliness, but AIBU to think that this is taking the actual Michael? And wtf do I do, bearing in mind I have to live near them? I don't want bad feeling but I do want SOME FUCKING PEACE!

Blackberryinoperative Thu 06-Dec-12 20:17:07

Tell them to fuck off. They sound incapable of renting and living in a house like normal people.

kinkyfuckery Thu 06-Dec-12 20:19:08

You need to just tell them you aren't their landlord and you're not an agent, and not to bother you with that shit!

FivesGoldNorks Thu 06-Dec-12 20:21:52

Do they think you are in some way acting for the landlord? What did they expect you to do with tap, fridge etc that they couldn't - are you or Dh particularly handy? Be firm

NotWankinginaWinterWonderland Thu 06-Dec-12 20:24:30

They sounds awful, tell them yo have a life, I had a neighbour like this once, I used to ignore her, then he mum came to my door and said 'you are ignoring angela we knew you were in' .... and? I could have been breastfeeding or something, well that was my excuse....

JellyMould Thu 06-Dec-12 20:24:32

They seem to think you are employed by the landlord? I think you'll have to be really blunt saying you are not.

PacificDogwood Thu 06-Dec-12 20:24:33

Could they be under the misapprehension that you have some kind of official role or connection to the landlord??
My, I am beginning to feel embarrassed that our lovely older neighbour keeps accepting parcels for us...

They are taking the mick.

Remember, 'no' is a complete sentence grin

WipsGlitter Thu 06-Dec-12 20:25:52

Speak them and the landlord. This is bonkers, but it does sound as if they think you are in some way involved in managing the property.

twinklesparkles Thu 06-Dec-12 20:34:11

Tell them you don't work for your landlord ect

They sound very unreasonable ... Or maybe just thick. Tell them to get it sorted themselves

AwkwardElfSquad Thu 06-Dec-12 20:36:57

I agree - you need to make it clear that you're not the landlord's agent! I'd explain that to them, speak to the landlord too to say that the tenants seem to be confused, and then say no.

purplecrayon Thu 06-Dec-12 20:39:28

Tell them not to bother you again and also tell that to the landlord.

If you're rich, give them a couple of adult babygros with a bonnet and dummy each.

pingpongmerrilyonhigh Thu 06-Dec-12 20:42:02

You've been too nice.
It should have been the tenants on the phone to the utilities not you. They now think you will be the one sort out their problems with all gas, electric etc.
You shouldn't have offered to send your husband round to check their problems out.
They must now assume you are there for any niggles they have.
Next time just say sorry, I'm not a letting agent or property manager, I'm busy.
Dont ask them into your house

WelshMaenad Thu 06-Dec-12 20:44:30

I have explained at length about having no official role, holding a key because I'm just nice, etc. they don't seem to have absorbed it!

Funnily enough, LL just been on the phone to clarify with DH what the tap problem is so he can hire someone. He didn't know whether to be amused or horrified by their antics! He was v apologetic, even though not his fault, and said I should just keep telling them to phone the LLs direct. Bless him. He did ask if I was "a magnet for people who just can't get their shit together". I think he may have a point!

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Thu 06-Dec-12 20:45:22

No is a complete sentence remember. wink

Shenanagins Thu 06-Dec-12 20:45:57

Just keep telling them to contact the landlord as you can't help.

if it helps make something up like you are unable to fix whatever it is in case you end up liable.

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Thu 06-Dec-12 20:55:33

You could start doing it back to them. grin

Help the bulb in my oven has blown!
I can't find my remote, could you change the channel for me please?
My toaster keeps burning my toast, can you fix it please?
I have no clean clothes, can you wash some for me?

Maybe then they'll get the message?

VicarInaTutuDrankSantasSherry Thu 06-Dec-12 20:56:06

i think you need to spell it out to the tenants and to the landlord - you made a rod for your own back by helping out and now they are going to come to you when ever anything goes wrong.

you are going to have to be firm about what your role was in helping the landlord but that now the house and tenancy is not your concern.

whois Thu 06-Dec-12 21:25:41

Next time the come round say:

"why are you telling me this? I am not the landlord. I am not acting as agent for the landlord. I have no connection to the property. Please explain why you come to tell me your fridge isn't working?"

myfirstkitchen Thu 06-Dec-12 21:39:37

This is crazy.

Tell them you don't give a shit if they sit knee deep in sewage in the dark without sky, internet or gas.

whataboutbob Thu 06-Dec-12 21:42:30

Estate agents are starting to look like a good idea. Never thought I'd say that. /emo/te/5.gif

cumfy Thu 06-Dec-12 22:18:00

I have explained at length about having no official role

Are you really sure there's no miscommunication ?; you say you showed them the property in the previous thread.

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