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AIBU to think A thankyou wouldn,t of hurt

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bongobaby Thu 06-Dec-12 15:30:42

I can,t stand my exp and we have very little verbal between us. He has made no effort to support our DC financially and doesn,t want to, even though he has contact, And I would never stand in the way of this. I shut my mouth and get on with it. I was on my last penny and panicking how to get DC presents and party food, birthday cake for dc birthday but somehow managed to pull it together by selling old DVD,S and my phone to get the money. I cried that night at the situation I was in.
We have split up years ago but I was sick of all the fighting and arguing mostly on his part as I refused to be drawn on his ways towards to me. However it was starting to effect my DC and not good. I swallowed down all the crap exp has put us through and invited him to our home for DC party for the sake of DC.
Anyway I cut the birthday cake and handed my DC a piece and then my exp a piece to which he snatched it out of my hand infront of DC and his friends and didn,t even say thankyou!! I,m not saying that he should of bowed down to me at all but to of showed some respect of the moment would not of hurt him. To be honest i,m pretty pissed of that he did it or am AIBU

YuleBritannia Thu 06-Dec-12 15:35:55

If that is the sort of non-mannerly behaviour your X displays, I would have nothing more to do with him. I would not want my family to copy, thinking that this is the way to go about things.

I would have been cross too and wanted to tell him off but parents should not row in front of their children, should they?

BaublesAndCuntingCarolSingers Thu 06-Dec-12 15:36:28

He sounds like a massive cunt.


What a twat.

bongobaby Thu 06-Dec-12 15:47:37

just what was his problem to of made me feel like a piece of shit in my own home. He had the cheek to go upstairs without saying if it was ok or not, dc wanted him to see his bedroom but I really feel bloody disrespected. Basically it was a major thing for me to have him in the house, I even stayed out of the way in the kicthen with friends while he made himself cosy on my armchair. No Hello at the frontdoor when I opened it either. I was nice for the sake of DC so he should of been aswell.

BaublesAndCuntingCarolSingers Thu 06-Dec-12 15:52:05

Without meaning to sound harsh, if he barely gives a stuff about his own children, why the hell is he going to give a stuff about their mother? sad

He sounds a twunt and yes, he was disrespectful. But going by what you tell us, you shouldn't be all that surprised by it, sadly.

Your children will know when they get to adulthood, who did the lion's share of caring for them.

bongobaby Thu 06-Dec-12 16:01:42

Baubles yes he is a Twunt, what hurts the most is that everywhere my dc goes he is always complimented on his polite manners because it is a big thing for me to know that he uses them at all times, and have worked hard to instill good manners. Then for his father to come and behave like that not only in my house but towards me is not on.
He was dressed warmer than an eskimo in his winter coat but doesn,t give a flying stuff if his dc has got warm clothes, shoes and food. I should of wiped the cake all over his face but im a bit more adult than that and had a full house at the time!!!

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