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123canyoucopyme Wed 05-Dec-12 21:42:02

I'm finding work really hard at the moment. I'm not meeting my targets and I'm feeling the pressure. Really feel like quitting but I think being a sahm would be really hard, plus DD loves her childminder.

Am going to Doctors tomorrow, do you think I should o off sick?


Adversecalendar Wed 05-Dec-12 21:45:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

123canyoucopyme Wed 05-Dec-12 21:46:14

Constant, a meeting once a week sad

squeakytoy Wed 05-Dec-12 21:47:27

Yes, I do think you should be signed off.

Ask yourself if you would want your child to be taught by you?

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but you have been asking this question now for months, and it is clear that you are very unhappy in your job. You really do need to go to your GP and talk honestly with them.

GhostShip Wed 05-Dec-12 21:47:38

Is there anyone you could talk to at work about this, a supervisor perhaps? Maybe speak about having a bit of your workload taken away, just to help you get back on track?

Going off on the sick is for when you're ill - as the name suggests. So unless there's something underlying you're not telling us, I say no to sick. IMO

Inclusionist Wed 05-Dec-12 21:48:12

What do you do and how unreachable are your targets? Could they be broken down to be manageable?

Is there a little voice inside you telling you to stay at home or are you just wanting out of work (in which case another job might be the answer)?

Inclusionist Wed 05-Dec-12 21:49:56

Ah- I take it you are a teacher?

ilovesooty Wed 05-Dec-12 21:54:42

I agree with squeakytoy

Obviously your GP is the expert in deciding whether you're unfit for work, but as a former teacher I can't honestly see, given your posts, how your being in school benefits you, the pupils, your colleagues or the school as a whole.

Jinsei Wed 05-Dec-12 21:58:00

Going off sick is not going to help you meet your targets, and it won't resolve the problem. You need to identify what is going wrong and then talk to your manager about how to rectify it.

gordyslovesheep Wed 05-Dec-12 22:00:51

I has been said on every thread you start:



GhostShip Wed 05-Dec-12 22:02:54

I've not seen her other threads but I've not as of yet seen her type anything that suggests she needs to go on sick
Not being able to do the job doesn't automatically mean go on sick.

It could be a sign of something underlying but I'm not going to assume yet.

squeakytoy Wed 05-Dec-12 22:04:37

Ghost, the OP is very well known by most in her other names and posts the same threads almost weekly. And gets the same answers weekly too. sad

TeaDr1nker Wed 05-Dec-12 22:04:47

Only going of what you have written is there any way you can discuss this with your line manager? Could you reduce your hours, you don't say if you are PT or FT.

Sirzy Wed 05-Dec-12 22:06:20

Ghost, the OP has name changed but has a history of posting similar threads but never taking the advice given.

Actually just the title of this thread was enough for me to be able to guess who it would be.

OP you really need to seek help and support and do what is right for you, your family and the children you teach.

GhostShip Wed 05-Dec-12 22:13:27

Ah right, may need to seek 'proper' help then...

Inclusionist Wed 05-Dec-12 22:15:24

I've caught up with the namechange now.

OP, you do need help. You need to arrange to see a counsellor. TBH being a bog standard, part time primary school teacher needn't be that stressful (unless you are in a hell of a school). Neither should being a SAHM fill you with such dread. You are not coping.

See someone.

123canyoucopyme Thu 06-Dec-12 07:57:50

I'm a part time primary school teacher. Head has said she may have to put me on capability measures. I forgot to do two of my targets, I don't think it's that bigger deal.

Groovee Thu 06-Dec-12 07:59:23

I think you need to go to the GP and get this sorted instead of Namechanging and posting the same threads over and over. You said it yourself... Does your daughter deserve a mother who won't help herself?

squeakytoy Thu 06-Dec-12 07:59:36

Why dont you think it is that big a deal?? confused

123canyoucopyme Thu 06-Dec-12 08:02:21

Because its only 2 small targets, I just forgot to do them.

1. Get my plans checked with another teacher
2. Add 'keywords' to my planning

I could do these things easily I just forgot to do them.

If I go to doctors they'll just shove me on some medication which will undoubtedly have side effects.

123canyoucopyme Thu 06-Dec-12 08:02:58

Perhaps I can help myself by just keeping going at work

whois Thu 06-Dec-12 08:06:22

Hi Cheakypickle. New name same copy and paste job on your post.

Not sure what you are hoping to gain by asking the same bloody question over and over again. Nothing is going to change. The same people are going to reply.

go and see your GP ffs

StillSquiffy Thu 06-Dec-12 08:10:08

You really think the side effects will be worse than the depression? Of course they won't be. You need medication.

And you need to stop changing your name.

123canyoucopyme Thu 06-Dec-12 08:11:59

I'm not depressed, I'm anxious. Feel like I'm constantly being watched at work

StillSquiffy Thu 06-Dec-12 08:12:57

Perhaps I can help myself by just keeping going at work

If you don't change what is currently happening you will be fired for capability. Have a read of the thread I posted about all of this a couple of weeks back. It is panning out exactly as I said it would. You need to change something. And the thing you change is yourself. Starting with a trip to GP.

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