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to park my car where it will have the best view for the day while I am on a course.

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thatlldopigthatlldo Wed 05-Dec-12 20:46:05

I chose a space that had the best view, locked up and left the car for the whole day. I had to walk further to get to where i was going, but it felt right.

I'm losing it aren't I?

BrevilleTron Sat 08-Dec-12 20:22:45

littlewhitebag you have a Victor too!
And yes I park him next to other Rovers when I can.

Glad I'm not the only one who names cars!

thatlldopigthatlldo Sat 08-Dec-12 13:24:03

mine has an italian accent, like the ones on cars.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 07-Dec-12 22:31:04

I always try to park my Nissan near other Nissans (so they can have 'Nissan Chat' as my DD calls it)
At a pinch he'll chat to Suzuki or Toyota cars.
But not these pesky French or Italian ones grin

thatlldopigthatlldo Fri 07-Dec-12 21:37:58

Danny smile

Goldmandra Thu 06-Dec-12 23:05:39

I'd forgotten about Danny, our Vito people carrier. I though DH was going to start wearing black when something unrepairable went on the engine and we had to accept we couldn't afford to fix it.

Lifeisontheup Thu 06-Dec-12 22:03:14

I feel sorry for dented tins too, so pleased to find I'm not alone. Sat nav is always called Doris at work but never sworn at or she'll have a hissy fit and direct us down a dead end we then have to reverse out off. grin

littlewhitebag Thu 06-Dec-12 19:42:03

Ours cars always have names. DH and i both have Volvos so they are Victor and Victoria and my DD1's Clio is called Benjamin because she thinks he is a gay car. DH is getting a new car on Saturday - Angus Audi is coming to stay. My DD2 was genuinely upset this morning when she realised she hadn't said goodbye to Victor as he is being taken away by the man who remove ageing Volvo's and takes them to pastures new.

I suspect we are all slightly bonkers. Lol

flow4 Thu 06-Dec-12 19:39:38

My whole supermarket experience has been transformed... Every tin I picked up from the shelf today seemed to have a dint in it... And I wondered if I should feel sorry for them! grin

And then I found myself telling my fellow lift-passenger that the lift was finding life hard today! grin shock grin

SundaysGirl Thu 06-Dec-12 19:30:30

This has made me grin so much! Thank you!

SantasLittleControlGeek Thu 06-Dec-12 19:12:03

Oh, I've just remembered - I have to have the smallest cake, or the burntest/driest looking sausage roll in the shop because I can't bear the thought of it not being bought.

I also have AS, so that is an interesting connection. Very little empathy with humans, but I can read animals and inanimate objects like a book [ba-boom]

I'm sure I'm not alone in buying the first teddy bear/doll etc on the shelf because I couldn't bear (see what I did there?) to bypass them and get a cuter one from further back.

CallMeTuddles Thu 06-Dec-12 08:44:27

That's a bit harsh on the Sat Nav lady. Ours is called Suzy but often gets called fucking Suzy (she can't read a map either).

When I was a little younger, I had to chew for equal amounts of chews on either side of my mouth so that me teeth wouldn't feel left out blush

Goldmandra Thu 06-Dec-12 08:23:05

@flow4 grin

SilverBaubles33 Thu 06-Dec-12 08:11:50

Absolutely love this thread.

flow4 Thu 06-Dec-12 08:01:51

I'm starting to feel slightly sorry for my Things because I don't assign them random emotions! wink

Morloth Thu 06-Dec-12 07:48:57

Well she should learn to read a fucking map. grin

VisualiseAHorse Thu 06-Dec-12 07:47:30

That poor Satnav Lady.

Morloth Thu 06-Dec-12 01:33:17

Our SATNAV lady is called 'Stupid Bitch' or if the kids are with us 'Crazy Lady'.

Gingerodgers Thu 06-Dec-12 01:27:46

Hahaha loving this thread, especially the poppers gang bit!!!

TwitchyTail Wed 05-Dec-12 22:52:37

I park next to Jaguars and Chryslers, on the basis that if someone is out on a jolly day of thieving, they will go for the posh one and leave my little old car alone.

When I first got it I used to park in the shade in case it melted, but I've got over that now.

If DH manages to park in front of me, the two cars facing then that makes me really really happy. I like to think of the cars out there chatting.

VisualiseAHorse Wed 05-Dec-12 21:52:58

Also, when I see two cars by themselves, one facing away from the other, I imagine they've had some sort of argument.

And all cars have faces. Even my ugly Landrover Disco.

VisualiseAHorse Wed 05-Dec-12 21:49:18

I panic when I have to buy something and there is only two left on the shelf, when I only need one. I'll buy both so the other one doesn't feel lonely.

Also had a problem once sewing a button on to replace a popper on some trousers. Thought all the other poppers would gang up on the button and be mean to it...

Goldmandra Wed 05-Dec-12 21:44:44

Oh yes feel very sorry for the satnav lady when DH keeps deciding he knows a better route. I always picture he with her head in her hands over a table full of unfolded maps as she inwardly groans and says 'recalculating' for the umpteenth time.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Wed 05-Dec-12 21:39:36

Our car doesn't have a name or gender BUT the satnav lady (it's built in) is called Doris. As in Directional Doris.

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