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AIBU? three weeks til I give birth and dh still hasn't booked a room!

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ImmaculateTeen Wed 05-Dec-12 12:57:41

We have to visit dh's hometown later this month to complete some paperwork. I am 37 weeks pregnant and exhausted. He hasn't booked a bloody room! and, there's no space at any of the inn's. I could cry.

part of me wonders if he is somehow punishing me (the baby isn't his) but I thought we had worked through our problems, especially since he was spoken to by my friend, G.

AIBU to be angry?!

cheekybaubles Wed 05-Dec-12 13:45:10

Yes immaculate. That place smells rank, you might want someone to bring you some Frankincense to help mask it?

WingDefence Wed 05-Dec-12 13:47:09

I think your DH sounds rubbish TBH. Are you sure he's going to hang around after the baby's born?

ShakySingsMerryXmasEveryone Wed 05-Dec-12 13:52:24

Right, I'll sent my 3 clever uncles of to mothercare, men are bloody rubbish at choosing presents grin

purrpurr Wed 05-Dec-12 13:57:31

Ain't it grand that two thousand years ago some woman remains a virgin but miraculously becomes preggo so we decide it MUST be the son of god, yet if anyone tried that these days they'd be on Jeremy Kyle within half an hour of a BFP???

hiddenhome Wed 05-Dec-12 14:00:14

You can stay at mine, but I want a share of the proceeds from Hello Magazine grin

cheekybaubles Wed 05-Dec-12 14:04:47

I wouldn't be too keen to offer hidden you will have Herod's men on your doorstep in no time...

Sallyingforth Wed 05-Dec-12 14:08:48

OP I hope you have been onto the CSA. The real father has to pay for this.

shewhowines Wed 05-Dec-12 14:19:59

TBH I think you are being a bit mean to your Dpartner. He is standing by you, even though you are up the duff with another mans child. Not every man would be so understanding.

Yes YANBU to think that he should have sorted the room earlier but he has probably needed the time to get his head round the whole idea. In his eyes it appears you haven't even been honest with him. Not slept or been touched by another man! I think he's a saint for even hanging around.


maddening Wed 05-Dec-12 15:22:52

Do the paperwork on line - then feet up to eat pineapple and some perineal massage.

ShakySingsMerryXmasEveryone Wed 05-Dec-12 16:22:04

I agree purr

I think you should ask Jeremy Kyle for DNA tests and double lie detector, it is the only way to solve a problem in this day and age!

FobblyWoof Wed 05-Dec-12 16:22:28

It took about five posts before I realised this was a joke blush blush

ShakySingsMerryXmasEveryone Wed 05-Dec-12 16:28:52

Ha ha Fobbly grin

trikken Wed 05-Dec-12 16:31:32

me too Fobbly, fell for it last year too..

MadameCoco Wed 05-Dec-12 16:37:26

OP think this might help. Maybe your situation is not unique...

GoldPlatedNineDoors Wed 05-Dec-12 17:05:16

cheeky its got cracking reviews on Trip Advisor though! In fact, we are overbooked on the 25th of this month!!

gindrinker Wed 05-Dec-12 21:03:35

Have you tried innkeeper.con they can rustle up space for you?
I'd hope Gabriel would bring you a stonking gift after almost wrecking your marrage?

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