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to wonder why people don't help parents with prams etc

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Pongwiffy Wed 05-Dec-12 09:07:20

As the title suggests. I was in a busy coffee shop yesterday, I got up holding 6 month old DD three times to hold open the door for people struggling to get in with prams and babies. Other people were sat by the door and people next to me commented upon how one mother was struggling. I'm in my 20's so am still fairly young. The coffee shop clientele was mainly people my age or younger. Is this a common thing now or just in my area?

I've noticed it in other places. I was raised to hold open doors etc, am I hopelessly out dated already?!

SproutsMakeRudolphPongwiffy Thu 06-Dec-12 10:23:53

It's a very crappy Starbucks and has a stupid entrance, it's also very dirty. The regional divisional manager was by the door and didn't bother to help anyone. I was only there as my friend wanted to meet there. I've more than remembered why I don't go into that one!

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