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To ask who has moved or taken my purse?

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eightytwenty Tue 04-Dec-12 22:26:49

Ok. So it could be me. Or it could be kids. Or it could be tescos man.

I last had it on the kitchen table late afternoon when I took out work receipts.

Cleared work stuff from table before I picked up kids from child minder a bit later. Def didn't take it with me.

Came home. Fed kids. Cleared table. Put them to bed. Did art homework on table with ds1. Cleared table.

Tesco shop arrived. Was sometimes out of the room while delivery driver was unloading things on kitchen table.

Ds1 arrives to announce he'd finished his book and to demand his bribe. Which ended up in frantic search for purse. Including going through two black bins and calling tesco just to check (no news yet).

So where else could I have put it? Or have the kids hidden in? Or has the tesco man taken it (by accident or not).

All suggestions welcome!

M0naLisa Mon 14-Jan-13 00:53:59

Any news?

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