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I wince when women refer to being a mum as "a job"

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CQuin Tue 04-Dec-12 17:02:11

It's so mimsy ish, so martyr and yet at the same time.

Our parents would never have said this, is it just the heightened expectations everyone has for everything thee days ?
Would dads say this?

Eg I have two jobs, I'm a mother (or worse "mummy ") and a hat maker." (or whatever )

Fuck off.

hairyxhristmasandahappynewyear Sun 09-Dec-12 09:06:40

I'm a full time mother. I also have a job for 30 hours a week while DH looks after our DD. He works about 15 hours a week in a job.
He's also a full time father.

I dint stop being a mother when I go to my job. I'm still a mother.

Which is why "full time mother" grindsg gears when it's used to describe a stay at home parent.

hairyxhristmasandahappynewyear Sun 09-Dec-12 09:07:25

and I can spell - honest ;)

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