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to expect the estate agents not to break stuff while valuing your property?

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MadeAVeil Tue 04-Dec-12 01:24:20

Have just had our teeny 1 bedroom flat turned into a teeny 2 bed by losing the dining area into the kitchen and putting up a partition wall and 2 sliding doors to save space. Moved back in one week ago and tonight had an estate agent round to value the flat to see if the refurbishment had added any value.

All well except out of the corner of my eye, while struggling with a tantrumming 2.5 year old and trying to listen to one of the agents (both of them from the same firm) I could see the other agent struggle with the sliding door (they're heavy but they glide - just musn't force them) to the bedroom and now....well he has jammed it in and forced it off it's rails and I can't sleep because the light is coming in.

FFS! I did tell him once NOT to force it but he was fascinated with how it worked and kept opening it and shutting it and I was already having to deal with my son who at least has the excuse of being 2 and couldn't shout in time to just leave it alone! Oh how I wish I had been so rude now.

I'm now worried they're going to pretend it wasn't them when I know exactly when it happened. How am I going to get them to fix it?

poachedeggs Tue 04-Dec-12 02:35:23

Just phone them up, tell them you realised after they'd left and that you'd like to know how they propose to resolve the problem.

Before we bought this house I took a friend to view it with me. She slipped on the stairs and took the banister off the wall along with a big chunk of plasterboard! Fortunately we did buy it or I'd have had a repair bill just for looking at the place!

RedHelenB Tue 04-Dec-12 07:41:33

I wouldn't have paid Poachedeggs - a bannister shouldn't copme off the wall so easily!

I would get the doors sorted before viewings Madeaveil - possibly estate agent didn't hear due to tantruming tot!!!

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