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Job Centre advice a waste of time..

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mumstonic Mon 03-Dec-12 16:44:19

DP had his 2nd job seekers meeting today to officially sign on after being made redundant. First time he's ever claimed anything in his life. I being unreasonable to think this meeting was rather unproductive and slightly unfair?

This is what he was told to do?..

1)He should disregard his previous work experience and apply for all jobs within a 90 minute journey, his qualifications and experience.

2)Re-write his CV to include the words, trustworthy, hardworking and reliable.

3)Spend 20m minutes listening to an advisor use phrases such as any work is better than no work and with all due respect sir.

4)He must make alternative arrangements for DDs dental brace fitting appointment in favour of attending an interview skills course this afternoon. (DD has been waiting to have her braces for 2 years and I have 2 babies to look after!)

5)He should ebay the family holiday (weekend mini-break to Centrparcs , booked and paid for 6 months ago) as it clashes with his next sign on day. He must then declare the income from said sale as earnings. OR complete a holiday form with the caveat to say he MUST be contactable at all times. If mobile phone service is restricted, he must drive to the nearest signal hotspot and check voicemails at regular intervals. If an interview comes up he must shorten or cancel his holiday.

Failure to co-operate with the above will result in his pittance being withdrawn. AIBU to think this draconian approach is taking the piss? Surely its better all round (for the employer and individual) to focus his efforts in getting a job suited to his qualifications and skills, I know its hard at the moment but really? 20 years paying tax and this is the safety net?

diaimchlo Wed 05-Dec-12 23:43:21

Doingakatereddy - "I think that we are over taxed in UK, I believe the welfare state has become an entitlement state & I think that despite seniority / skills / years paid into the system if your out of work you should get a job if one is available."

Not many jobs available... what planet are you on? confused have you not read the papers lately.... the unemployed have to do work programs 30 hours per week for £71 per week. Many high street companies such as Superdrug, Argos, Shoe, Poundlandland etc use these people as free labour, taking up permanent minimum wage jobs from job seekers. If the unemployed refuse to do this slave labour then they get their benefits taken away..... So in essence your taxes are going to subsidize these private companies not the unemployed.........angry

mumstonic Wed 05-Dec-12 19:16:27

middle class? was it the Centerparcs reference?

Ooh never really considered myself middle class, not sure if I should feel flattered or offended? Always considered myself working class, but hey suppose its better than unemployed benefit scrounger as you initially insinuated.

GhostShip Wed 05-Dec-12 19:01:23

I don't see a problem with any of that, except the brace appointment.

Doingakatereddy Wed 05-Dec-12 18:56:52

Mumstonic - If JSA is such a 'pittance' & causing your family so many logistical issues then just don't claim.

Paying tax doesn't give you a right to claim whatever the circumstances.

I'm narrow minded to want my tax to go to those who can't work rather than those who just want their middle class existence to be subsidised.

ParsingFancy Wed 05-Dec-12 18:54:45

The 13 weeks to find employment commensurate with skills is not for the benefit of the claimant but for the benefit of the economy.

Underemployment means an individual is being less productive for the country than they could be.

wannabedomesticgoddess Wed 05-Dec-12 18:52:31

It could all fall down around you tomorrow Doing! Do you think you are somehow exempt from the recession or unemployment?

Pixel Wed 05-Dec-12 18:49:28

They suggested I applied for a job at an Asian-language radio station. 'But I don't speak Urdu. At all.' 'It only says it's preferable!'

They seem to love sending people for jobs they aren't going to get and wasting everybody's time and money. We gave up trying to recruit staff for our pub through the local job centre as we weren't even allowed to say in the ad that applicants needed a reasonable standard of english as we couldn't 'discriminate'. Still not sure how that was discrimination. We didn't care what colour or creed the staff were as long as they were able to do the job, but being able to understand customers (especially in packed bar with live band playing) was quite a basic requirement we thought.

mumstonic Wed 05-Dec-12 18:49:13

FFS he only finished working 2 weeks ago!

A 3 night mini break to centreparcs hardly renders him unemployable.

Your posts sum up just how narrow minded people can be. This time last month we were a working couple paying tax, now suddenly we're a drain on the tax payer...Nice. Let hope you're never made redundant, as you quite rightly say, we're entering a triple dip recession.

Doingakatereddy Wed 05-Dec-12 18:21:38

My problem is your entitled assumption that your DH should be paid to wait until your centre parcs holiday is over, your Dd has her brace & the magical job with the right skills & experience arrives.

I think that we are over taxed in UK, I believe the welfare state has become an entitlement state & I think that despite seniority / skills / years paid into the system if your out of work you should get a job if one is available

MadBusLady Wed 05-Dec-12 18:19:23

WkdSM The whole process was so useless that he came away saying he would not sign on and we paid his NI ourselves.

Worth repeating that in case anyone else is in the same boat. It's what I did when I was told I couldn't get JSA (was living with DP who was earning, and had been self-employed before and apparently those contributions don't count hmm) but I should still come in for the appointments because I'd get my NI stamp. I'd worked in tax and said no thanks. They don't advertise the fact that you can pay it yourself.

mumstonic Wed 05-Dec-12 18:17:04

Doing - Yes, I pay tax. Quite a lot in fact. As did DP until 2 weeks ago.

Unless your personal contribution to the coffers has been specifically allocated for my DP's JSA, cant see what your problem is.

Emmielu Wed 05-Dec-12 16:26:34

My JS advisor told me newspapers dont count anymore. But shop windows do. :S She also told me that eventhough i have epilepsy it doesnt count towards anything aside from i cant do nights. I was also told i can only use my epilepsy as an excuse to not have a car. Nothing more. Nothing less because and i quote "it's not classed as a disability. It does not stop you from doing the day to day things, work included"

diaimchlo Wed 05-Dec-12 15:23:56

You honestly think that Iain Duncan Smith and David Cameron would listen????? not a cat in hells chance!!!!!!

They both have the Title "Right Honourable" and imo use this fraudulently nothing either have done is Right or honourable in fact both are hypocrites as they have both in the past claimed benefits.........

fridgepants Wed 05-Dec-12 15:17:22

I've signed on twice.

The first time was in my home town, in a poor area. I got stared at because I had a non-local accent and, because I had degree-level qualifications (which is very rare there) they didn't know what to do with me at all, really. They did, however, offer an interview clothing grant because I qualified as having a disability.

The second was in London. Housing benefit was assessed at being £100 a month lower than my actual rent (a room in a flat, not a whole place) and when they told me there would be a month before it was paid, I told them I didn't have £200 to cover the shortfall and what help was offered? 'Have you tried borrowing it off your mum?' They suggested I applied for a job at an Asian-language radio station. 'But I don't speak Urdu. At all.' 'It only says it's preferable!' They didn't offer any help with travel to interview if it was within the M25, even though a return would cost me £5 or so, and I was told any work experience done unpaid (as in to get me a job) would result in my benefits being cancelled, even if I kept up the job search.

The most patronising by far was a temp agency I signed on with, though. They actually laughed when I said what salary I expected (the same as I was paid previously, not £££) and took it upon themselves to inform me that 'smart dress is required in offices' (I'd been working in them for five years) and 'you really must wear heels' (find me some in a size 9 on a temp salary then).

LineRunnerWithBellsOn Wed 05-Dec-12 14:31:19

Most recruitment processes I know of in academia involve about two days' worth of 'informal' stuff before the final actual 'formal' interview.

Would the JC not count the informal stuff - looking round, hearing a talk, giving a talk, the meet and greet buffet, the tour with the students, as being 'an interview' then? You wouldn't get the job without taking part in it.

wannabedomesticgoddess Wed 05-Dec-12 14:29:12

Well done Doing!! You have a job. You pay tax!

Should I bow at your feet or kiss your arse?


I bet this gets deleted. Ah well.

mrslaughan Wed 05-Dec-12 14:27:34

DH is going through the same - made redundant in april, and only now has agreed to go and sign on, however it is so demeaning. He had organised a lunch with an ex-collegue on thursday, the point is to stay up to date with what is happening in his industry and essentially brain storm any opportunities, he rang the job center to re-schedule his appointment, but they won't as it is not an interview FFS. Fortunately ex-colleague can re-schedule, but WTF

drmummmsy Wed 05-Dec-12 14:20:19

as did her husband at some stage

drmummmsy Wed 05-Dec-12 14:19:37

Doingakatereddy - i think op may also pay tax... hmm

LineRunnerWithBellsOn Wed 05-Dec-12 14:06:50

On the websites in my area for all the big stores - supermarkets, department stores - and pub chains, there are NO vacancies.

But we see new staff being taken on all the time. DD asked a friend who had just started at the big supermarket how she got the job. 'Oh my mum works here.' confused

Doingakatereddy Wed 05-Dec-12 14:01:10

OP - I dont have an issue with anything you've written, why you think I should pay tax so that your DH can wait to get a job that suits his 'qualifications & skills' is beyond me.

Sell the holiday or keep in contact or just dont claim JSA.

We're heading to a triple dip recession - your family is not exempt from facing the hardships that we all have to bear

drmummmsy Wed 05-Dec-12 13:58:07

exactly cory, I agree

cory Wed 05-Dec-12 13:54:49

Why should the attitude shift though? I have also been in various situations (including hospitals) where there is a sudden thawing of the air when I reveal my academic status, but I've never felt comfortable about it. Why should people treat me with more respect because I have a PhD? Why not be generally respectful of people instead?

mumstonic Wed 05-Dec-12 13:37:21

The JC send your CV to jobs and companies on your behalf, possibly duplicating your approach to companies which discredits your applications - a sort of spray and pray approach I suppose?!

DP has so far this week taken the following steps:

Registered with 5 online jobs sites and posted CV.
Called 3 agencies and sent CV.
Applied for 1 job via government gateway.
Applied for 1 job via monster
Used linked-in to connect with 2 people in his sector
Called 3 business contacts.
Speculatively called 3 target companies.
Speculatively sent CV to 3 target companies.
Added a status update on facebook telling his 400 friends he was available for work!
Chatted to a few friends asking for leads.

Will this be enough!? He has to make 10 steps each week. Is this too much or two little?

ParsingFancy Wed 05-Dec-12 11:09:23

Is it possible to do a separate JobCentre CV and real CV? Rather than damage your real applications with a CV made rubbish by a JobCentre clerk?

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