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to say to MIL - if you want a copy of DD's school photo, you should have a copy of my DS's as well!

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MoomieAndFreddie Mon 03-Dec-12 15:27:52

am sick of DS not being classed as a family member

he is from a previous relationship and he was only a baby when me and DH got together, he is 6 YO now

i also have now a DD aged 3 with DH

they recently had school photo's taken. MIL has asked for a photo for Christmas - but only of DD. I suppose I should be used to it as her home is covered in photo's of all the "real" grandkids - but not DS

To contrast this, my EX mil (ie DS's grandma) loves and treats both kids exactly the same (despite DD being from my "new" relationship) and has also asked for some school pics - of BOTH dc. And she calls them her grandkids and they both call her nanna.

it fucks me off. if any of my dc ever end up with step kids i will be sure to treat them exactly the same as any bio grand kids i might have.

MoomieAndFreddie Wed 05-Dec-12 11:51:51

definitely exotic

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