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to ask how much you spend on DCs christmas presents?

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Splatt34 Sun 02-Dec-12 07:50:39

Just that really.

DD is 2 & have finally decided what to get her. Adds up to around £70 in total.

how about the rest of you?

MrsDeVere Sun 02-Dec-12 16:25:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StrawberriesTasteLikeLipsDo Sun 02-Dec-12 16:25:39

I also post pics on FB, not to show off but as its a remote way to store my pics. I dont give a flying fook if people think I'm wasteful or my kids are spoilt.

DoIgetastickerforthat Sun 02-Dec-12 16:27:45

About £200 on DS1&2 and about £80 on DS3. All of mine have birthdays just after the New Year and only get 1 present each from us and often nothing from anyone else, (except my parents), plus DH's family don't celebrate Christmas so they only get presents from my side.

Because of this I don't mind spending a bit more at Christmas, I save throughout the year so no debt, I shop around for offers and only buy stuff that I know they would like.

Bagofspiders Sun 02-Dec-12 16:28:50

No 5madthings it doesn't depend on what your kids like, it depends on how much spare money you have.

mrsEbruce Sun 02-Dec-12 16:32:35

Hold my hands up on the FB pics too most of our friends do this plus im proud of what i provide for my girls

christmas shouldnt be about putting people down over large or smaller bugets they have no reflection on parenting or childrens being brats or not at the end of the day every child will have a smile on there faces and thats what its about

5madthings Sun 02-Dec-12 16:33:41

We dont have loads, with five kids we put money aside over the year and pick things uo in sales. Dp and i are often given money for our bdays etc which we put towards xmas. We occassuonally usr a credit card on 0% interest and pay it off in the three mths after xmad.

Bagofspiders Sun 02-Dec-12 16:39:22

Sorry 5madthings looking back at my last post it did look a bit bitter, I didn't mean it to be. I'm just feeling a bit sad that I can't get more for DS and DSC's this year.

5madthings Sun 02-Dec-12 16:41:16

But obviously budget is the main issue. I just wonder what yoi do.if your children want bigger items, a bike etc. Certainly a they get older it gets more expensive.

Re ioads, consoles etc. Last year we git an xbox but ut was a joint family gift fir all to share. This year we will get a nexus 7 again for everyone to share. I cant and woukdnt buy them a games console ech or a tablet each etc.

My lot get a lot if joint presents and share.

5madthings Sun 02-Dec-12 16:43:24

bagof its hard we had years like that when ds1 and ds2 were little as we were students. We are lucky rhat on one side of tge family they are the only grandchiksren with a grandma who spoils them and my parents have always been very generous as well.

5madthings Sun 02-Dec-12 16:48:39

bagof how old are yours other than ds? Only i have a pile of hot wheels track free to a good homr. Still have yhe boxes for some of it. Pm me xx

aPirateInaPearTree Sun 02-Dec-12 16:50:41

i have prob spent about £150 for everything. that's a sack of stuff from Father Christmas, and stuff under the tree from mum.

IfNotNowThenWhen Sun 02-Dec-12 16:50:58

That makes sense 5mad. I was from a big family, and we always got a lot of stuff to share too.
I prolly could spend about £100 on ds if I had it, but for a baby I would get them a tambourine from the pound shop and a cardboard box!
But I am also one of those people that would NEVER spend a lot of dosh on a wedding either. I would rather have a holiday, or a car!

Scoobyblue Sun 02-Dec-12 16:55:14

I spend abt £50 on a "main" present - this year dd1 aged 12 wants a bag from Jack Wills and ds2 aged 7 wants a camera. Then they get a stocking which contains some sweets, some cheap little surprises and then things which they need and I would have bought them anyway if it wasn't Xmas (new pjs, socks, t-shirt etc).

aPirateInaPearTree Sun 02-Dec-12 16:56:52

dd is ten, no dad about, little family. i listen to what she wants, and have been picking up the bits via ebay etc over the last few months. mainly books, figures and a few clothes, and interest.

she has had good xmas's, and thankfully has had all the biggish things now. ie Wii and such.

BegoniaBampot Sun 02-Dec-12 16:59:07

Depends, I don't have a set amount or budget. This year it will probably be about 150-200 each. things like Kindle, football strips and sports equip are all individually quite expensive but it's all stuff they will need and will use and I'd probably have just bout anyway so might as well make use of Christmas as the excuse to get them.

stillsmarting Sun 02-Dec-12 17:03:54

Just in case anyone is reading this and feeling they can't keep up we have given the two eldest DCs and DiL 25 pounds each and will do the same for DC3 who is the only one still at home. We have spent 25 to 30 pounds each on the DGC.

aamia Sun 02-Dec-12 17:09:19

Not much. DS will only be three months old. His grandad got him the one thing he will actually appreciate most - an extra month of maternity leave for me so I can stay off till he is four and a half months old.

Downandoutnumbered Sun 02-Dec-12 17:10:52

Have spent £130 this year as we wanted to buy DS an Islabike Rothan (he is 2 and I think about ready for his first bike). Wouldn't normally spend that much though, and we never spend that kind of money on each other or anyone else! Last year I think we spent about £20, and he liked the wrapping paper and ribbons much better than the presents.

Bagofspiders Sun 02-Dec-12 17:13:56

Thank you so much for the offer 5madthing, it's so nice of you and it's really touched me. [Grin] The big ones are teenagers so too old though. That's what Christmas is all about. smile
They'll be fine, they have lots of things and they fully understand our situation.

thekidsrule Sun 02-Dec-12 17:14:42

3x boys £300 ish each

also taking them away over christmas for 4 days

so this year christmas will cost approx £2,500

all paid for no debt,single parent,no kids dad about so i make up for lack of that side regarding christmas

COCKadoodledooo Sun 02-Dec-12 18:07:04

£50 on ds1 (main, stocking and new pjs), ds2 so far just has new pyjamas but will probably have a similar/slightly smaller amount spent on him. We've been massively skint this year so Christmas is being entirely funded by flogging stuff on ebay.

LadyLetch Sun 02-Dec-12 18:12:29

I have to say that I do disagree with ifnotnow about having to buy children bigger and bigger presents every year. Surely that is down to how you raise them? My children have both got iPods (even my 6 year old) but that doesn't mean they expect a bigger present this year - they've been taught that it doesn't work that way, sometimes they'll get a bigger present, but certainly not every year, and they have to almost take turns over who gets a bigger present (ie only one of them will, but then we'd even it out the next year).

For example:
3 years ago my DD wanted and got an iPod. (Second hand about £75 with speakers)
2 years ago my DD wanted and got a hamster (about £7 plus cage at £30)
Last year my DD wanted and got a beam (shared present with sister but this cost £150)
This year DD wants (and will get) a silver ring. The one she's chosen is £5.99 in Argos.

It's your assumption that if you buy a bigger present when they're little, you have to keep beating it - to get bigger and bette each year, but to me thinking like that is madness. Christmas is not a competition. I just buy my DDs what they want, when they would like it. I certainly wouldn't get more each year for the sake of it.

nokidshere Sun 02-Dec-12 18:20:49

Bagof I have never bought my children new items when it comes to bikes and electronics stuff. They always get second hand really cheap or freecycle. I don;t actually mind paying the money if I have it but I really begrudge paying lots of money for things that they will have grown out of or lost interest in after 6 months.

I have found some ace bargains this year. I am a childminder and have bought presents for all 10 children I mind and have spent no more than a fiver each! Each present I bought is worth at least £20 and I definitly wouldn;t have paid that for them. The Entertainer has some fab bargains and sale stuff and I shop around all the itme for the cheapest version of something.

My son wants a superdry Jacket which is a reasonable request in itself, but they are over £100 and, whilst I dont mind spending that on an adult, there is no way I am paying that for a child who is still growing - I found one in new condition on ebay for £30 - he wont care where it comes from, he will just be pleased to get one.

Fifis25StottieCakes Sun 02-Dec-12 18:39:18

I got a fab Pauls Botique bag on ebay for a fraction of buying in the shop, i was a bit worried as i still paid £30 for it but when it came it was as described. I sold the old DS's on Ebay which they never play with. I also got a great deal on ballerina baby born from an ebay shop. Ebays good for stocking fillers if you hunt about for shops with free delivery. Ive also had stuff from China for next to nothing for their stockings. Jewellery shop i found was very cheap. wasn't expecting much for what i paid but the stuff that came was fab.

laptopdancer Sun 02-Dec-12 18:44:23

It just bloody well adds up. I only have a few things so far and have tried to budget but am sure Im at the £100 now. It was the ds game and lego that pulled it all up. For my son, there are no other gifts as we dont have any other family so Im not so bothered but do like to shop wise....bit annoyed at how much stuff is at the moment

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