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To be cold....brrrr

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Notcontent Sat 01-Dec-12 16:09:32

I am at home, wearing ugg boots (as slippers), jeans, long sleeved top and jumper. The heating is on. I am still cold. Crappy Victorian house with little insulation, but nothing I can do about that.
Not looking forward to the next three months. sad

CaliforniaLeaving Sat 01-Dec-12 21:10:47

Brrrr I feel for you all. I'm not good at cold anymore. I've been here in CA long enough to get soft. It's 21 in the house and I was just thinking I need to start the fire. blush probably doesn't help that I'm in a tee shirt I need to put my sweatshirt back on.
Reading this kind of thread has me wanting to stock up on thermals and good coats before we move back to UK.

rumbledethump Sat 01-Dec-12 21:13:38

I'm quite comfortable at the moment but my tip is layers. So if you are weaing long sleeve teeshirt - wear under it vest and summer tshirt so the long sleeve is not the main "keep warm". It makes a huge difference and make sure there is no space around the waist. My other top tip is a scarf around the neck and as an extra around the waist too.

Phacelia Sat 01-Dec-12 21:22:59

Freezing here too. Heating on, so I shouldn't be this cold, and the house is well insulated. Very glad of hot drinks, my fleece, socks, scarves and heat pad. Roll on Spring.

Pixel Sat 01-Dec-12 22:21:29

This evening is the first time we have had the heating on as we can't afford the bills. I thought we'd have a treat to celebrate the 1st December and was looking forward to a cosy evening for a change. Bloomin' heating is useless. The radiators in the dcs' rooms are only on number 2 and they are toasty hot, the ones in our bedroom and the living room are on number 5 and barely warm. I've bled them but don't know what else to do and dh is at work. Just got the room slightly warm and the cat wanted to come in so now I'm freezing again (and yes I do have on my now customary vest/t shirt/jumper/bodywarmer combo, plus I've made a curtain to go over the awful draughty front door - thank you Mr landlord)
<eyes up sloe gin in kitchen cupboard>

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