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The chalet school and ofsted?

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thebody Sat 01-Dec-12 11:56:56

Aibu to wonder what Ofsted would have made of the Chalet school.? Any fellow chaletians around?

OOAOML Sat 01-Dec-12 13:32:39

Insufficient risk assessment before trips.

Head Girl post appears to be almost hereditary.

Lack of an anti-bullying policy.

Not enough time or hot water to wash properly.

No exploration of any faith other than Catholic or C of E.

DizzyHoneyBee Sat 01-Dec-12 13:35:01

They would fail spectacularly when it came to safe guarding I expect!

MissAnnersley really needs to contribute to this thread smile

OOAOML Sat 01-Dec-12 13:40:48

MissAnnersley is probably helping Miss Dene forge permission slips going back 5 years, whilst Gaudenz incinerates the accident reports and Matey hides all the castor oil.

ApplesinmyPocket Sat 01-Dec-12 13:51:14

Was never really happy with the 'Show a leg' thing. The image of a dorm with one bare leg sticking out through each bed-curtain always sounded a bit pervy to me. I think Ofsted would see my point.

thebody Sat 01-Dec-12 14:10:31

What I always liked was the fact that as soon as they married all chalet girls immediately have up work to become stepford wives.

Daisy was a top paediatrician but gave it all up for Laurie. All the working women were spinsters but I suppose life was like that once, well for well off women.

Also Eleanor bless her always described any troublesome child as having a silly mother, fathers were always perfect.

Hesterton Sat 01-Dec-12 14:14:30

I bet every adult who had regular contact with them wasn't CRBed though.

babybythesea Sat 01-Dec-12 14:49:38

I would have thought they'd do quite well for provision of extra-curricula activities - Guides and the like.
But yes to insufficient risk assessments, and I also would query ratios of staff to adults - they seemed to manage a lot without the staff really noticing.
Also the practice of punishing one child (Joey) to get at another (Robin) seems dodgy. I'm sure they could have come up with something even for such a fragile wisp of a child.

Picturesinthefirelight Sat 01-Dec-12 14:59:33

They wouldn't cone under ofsted though it would be ISIC

MissAnnersley Sat 01-Dec-12 15:00:41

Ofsted you say?

<runs screaming from thread to find Miss Dene and Miss Wilson>

And for goodness sake, someone keep Jo out of the school until it's over!

NellyBluth Sat 01-Dec-12 15:03:52

God, now I want to read the Chalet School again blush Anyone read them recently?

I think I used to fancy Jo's doctor bloke. But was he really that much older than her?

thebody Sat 01-Dec-12 15:05:28

You can't keep jo away!!! She's a foundation stone.

Matey mustn't be seen to be holding the noses of juniors though and force feeding them obnoxious medicine.

kennyp Sat 01-Dec-12 15:06:09

didnt pat and isobel o sullivan have a real fire in their study. no mention of a fire guard.

thebody Sat 01-Dec-12 15:07:17

Nelly, I have lots of them and my sister has the whole bloody set.

They are a good read and screamingly dated and not PC.

purplewithred Sat 01-Dec-12 15:11:40

Not available on Kindle sad

Welovecouscous Sat 01-Dec-12 15:11:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Welovecouscous Sat 01-Dec-12 15:12:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

daisymaybe Sat 01-Dec-12 15:29:11

They might have found it alarming that every troublesome girl has a life-changing incident, only learning humility once in a wheelchair/ in the san with pneumonia/ kidnapped by fictional European crown states.

I'm fairly sure that even if they had got a special measures the school could have been kept going by the breeding program. How many chn did Madge have in the end?

Jingleflobba Sat 01-Dec-12 15:45:51

The Chalet School would have been shut down within months of opening if OFSTED had been around!
Can you imagine the amount of CRB checks they would have had to do? People wandering in and out of the school all the time, Joey's Huuuge family all over the place, children running away, students having to escape Nazi's and spies infiltrating the school?
Not to mention the amount of pastoral staff needed to deal with all the children affected by home environments and various orphans.

Jingleflobba Sat 01-Dec-12 15:46:34

Madge had a few children but Joey and Jack had about 12 I think?

thebody Sat 01-Dec-12 16:49:02

Madge had 6 in total as she had twins while in Canada.

Jo had 11 of her own and I think 2 wards/adopted ones. Including the 3 richardsons.

PurpleTinsel Sat 01-Dec-12 17:16:53

The ridiculous number of near fatal accidents would set alarm bells ringing with Ofstead.

And what was all that business with having to have cold baths every morning? I never understood how that was compatible with the bit about how they keep a close eye on the girls health as lots of them have relatives with TB.

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Sat 01-Dec-12 17:18:35

I've got about 3 missing from my set. Would love to ge them but they cost a fortune!

PurpleTinsel Sat 01-Dec-12 17:19:09

Would having the school 'adopt' a penniless Irish orphan be counted as having a social inclusion policy?

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 17:19:44

I've got them all in either hardback or GGB. Was aiming for set of unabridged ones.

PurpleTinsel Sat 01-Dec-12 17:23:42

OhYouMerryLittleKitten - Girls Gone By Publishers have been reprinting some of the Chalet School books - they only have a few titles in print at any one time, but it may be worthwhile looking there to see if your missing ones are currently in print? Prices currently around £13 to £16 per book.

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