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6 degrees of separation?

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HappyJoyful Fri 30-Nov-12 00:02:25

AIBU reasonable to want to know so badly where this man lives? For over 10 weeks my DH has been owed money from a company he did some work for, we finally thought matter was resolved when he picked up a cheque on Monday - only to discover that the cheque has bounced today.
All along, the Director of the Recruitment Agency has given us promises and promises that he will pay (and that he understands living on nothing as we have been doing)
Today was final straw.
AIBU to want to go actually take his belongings and to get what is owed to us?

lovebunny Fri 30-Nov-12 00:23:09

i can imagine its a very frustrating situation for you. i hope it can be resolved.

i was hoping you would tell me how i could eliminate the degrees of separation between myself and kevin bacon. he has a nice chest.

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