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For wanting to stop this biscuit incident?

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Cbh1978 Tue 27-Nov-12 18:54:00

Shopping centre. Tuesday afternoon. Warrington. Millies Cookies. Mother and (I think) her parents are with a child in a pushchair. Child aged six months approx.

They buy cookies, then give a whole one the size of the baby's head to the baby. Baby not overly impressed I have to say. Granny even remarked 'oh, don't you like it'?

Agggghhhhh!!!! I managed to resist stomping over but then wondered if I was then complicit in this.

10mins later I saw baby with just a stump of biscuit in her tiny hand. I just hope she had thrown the rest somewhere.

Perhaps it is just that I am a tad sensitive to sugar and salt etc issues. Our 11mth old has only had sugar and salt in bread. Have to confess I can't be bothered to make sugar-free bread but not so much as a Petit Filous has passed his lips. His first sugar rush will be his first birthday cake.

Really, they don't need it. Not even in stewed fruit.

Live and let live... Maybe. :-/

Cbh1978 Tue 27-Nov-12 20:16:56

Ha! Guess you're right Meggymoodie.
LilyVonSchtupp, does sugar make bread rise?? Fair point re:SS. He does have some salt in cheese, bread etc and does have yoghurt, just sugar-free type. Sugar in fruit too of course. Different type I think. Am no dietician. Just hope he ultimately has less rubbish put through his lovely little bod that I put through my (not so lovely) bod, and at the mo I am responsible for what he eats.
Love the story about the chocolate cake. That would be very funny. And very likely! But would never dictate at someone else's party. I know someone who won't let her four year old have crisps, chocolate etc and is really militant about it. Feel really sorry for the kid who is probably made to feel different from his friends. I am NOT going to be like that. Honest. Just feel a weird sense of collective responsibility where babies and very young children are concerned.
Will go onto Amazon to buy a life. Thanks Shellywelly.

KenLeeeeeee Tue 27-Nov-12 20:17:34

Fuck me now I want a cookie the size of my head.

Me too envy

Marzipanface Tue 27-Nov-12 20:19:52

I personally wouldn't give a baby an entire Millie's cookie but if I saw this I wouldn't 'intervene'!

Our 11mth old has only had sugar and salt in bread.

I AM concerned about salt levels but the competitive boasting on this site about how 'my child is X years old and has never so much as SNIFFED a chocolate button' is starting to really get on my tits. I get it from my SIL as well.

hazleweatherfieldgirldetective Tue 27-Nov-12 20:23:02

OP you do realise that artificial sweeteners, just like the ones found in sugar free yoghurt, are really not great for anyone health-wise, least of all a young child, don't you?

LavenderPots Tue 27-Nov-12 20:24:37

um but sugar free yoghurts are advised against for under 5's because of what they put in instead of sugar =s

Enfyshedd Tue 27-Nov-12 20:28:33

I believe that sugar is needed in bread to activate the yeast - otherwise the bread wouldn't rise.

Lily - A friend of mine just adopted a little girl. Poor little mite spent the first 18 months of her life being only bottle fed - if you're concerned, then act on it.

DialsMavis Tue 27-Nov-12 20:28:39

Even though I am incredibly relaxed about DCs diet, I do keep sugar free varieties well away from all of us. Disgusting crap. Real butter, and the odd full fat proper cake here. I don't give the youngest yoghurt with sugar either, just plain and fruit... But happy for her to scoff biscuits smile

ceeveebee Tue 27-Nov-12 20:29:39

Hopefully OP means those yoghurts with no refined sugar like Rachel's organic. Not diet yoghurts which would be very wrong!

Cbh1978 Tue 27-Nov-12 20:30:27

No sugar in natural yoghurt is there? Or those little Plum yoghurt things which are supposedly only flavoured with fruit? Ah well... Would give sugar over artificial sweeteners any day. Agree! :-)))

claraschu Tue 27-Nov-12 20:30:29

YABU to put sugar in your bread. It is completely unnecessary.

JesusInTheCabbageVan Tue 27-Nov-12 20:30:37

His first sugar rush will be his first birthday cake

Am I the only one who really, really wants to be there when this happens? I picture a Jeckyll and Hyde-style transformation, with him ending up a sugar-addled, tweaking little baby SuperHans.

hazleweatherfieldgirldetective Tue 27-Nov-12 20:30:54

Awww ceevee you shouldn't have prompted her! Of course she'll now say that's what she meant!

TiggyD Tue 27-Nov-12 20:31:31

It it everybody's duty to point out things that other people do wrong. Who would be upset at somebody pointing out their mistake? They will thank you for it and change their ways.

JesusInTheCabbageVan Tue 27-Nov-12 20:32:15

Meant to say Cbh1978 - fair play to you for taking it all in good humour! Mine was meant to be joky but might have come across a bit snide, sorry.

Chubfuddler Tue 27-Nov-12 20:35:34

I was thinking a "biscuit incident" would be something v v different to this

<clearly have filthy mind>

EasilyBored Tue 27-Nov-12 20:35:54

I let DS eat an apple flavour rice cake that he found under the table the other day.

I think he had dropped it at lunch that day. Cannot be certain.

It was a biscuit. If it was a crack pipe, you wouldn't have been unreasonable to say something. But it was a biscuit. Unclench.

Blu Tue 27-Nov-12 20:35:55

Fruit is packed FULL of sugar, though. That's why those yogurts don't need sweetening.

SantasStrapOn Tue 27-Nov-12 20:36:54

What does the poor yeast eat in sugar free bread?

Won't somebody think of the yeasts? sad

SantasStrapOn Tue 27-Nov-12 20:38:49

And we got DD2 crawling by laying out Jelly Tot trails for her. She was a lazy little sod, and would have quite happily stayed put for the rest of her life afaik.

Jelly Tots worked. Shoot me.

SweetMingePie Tue 27-Nov-12 20:40:39

Oh crawl out your own arse!

Did it really make you feel so superior that you just had to come here and gloat at you über child rearing skills?

Cbh1978 Tue 27-Nov-12 20:53:53

Not at all superiour SMP. can't bring self to write minge. Just did. Pants. Was surprised at own internal reaction (was it the yeasts??). Gave background info in the belief that I am indeed being unreasonable and need to get a life etc., as suggested by others.
Jesusinthecabbagevan, thank you! Can't imagine it will be the exciting moment everyone is anticipating, but yes, he may indeed explode. Now, that would be messy... I may need a biscuit to recover.

monkeymamma Tue 27-Nov-12 20:54:50

Yy op is taking all in good humour! I am feeling sheepish for earlier sarcasm. Sorry Op. was in the middle of long drawn out battle to get ds to sleep at the time (dh had taken over temporarily) and have vile cold so was feeling very stroppy.

We have had a very difficult/upsetting time weaning ds so I am a bit over sensitive on this subject. I tend to let him have a bit of whatever I'm having, so long as it doesn't have any whole nuts, honey etc and taking into account his various food intolerances (most of what I eat does anyway as I'm still breastfeeding him), out of pure relief that he's showing some interest in food :-s this has included biscuits etc (though not Millie's cookies - haven't had anything so yummy since we discovered ds's food intolerances!)

But as the op says we all have our bugbears and I'm sure I've been equally judgy when out and about :-)

Cbh1978 Tue 27-Nov-12 20:55:13

Love it how santasstrapon is posted next to SMP. A beautiful union of posts... Could revise name to SMBiscuit?

PuffPants Tue 27-Nov-12 20:56:07

YABU for wanting to step in. But YANBU to hold your views. I felt and still feel exactly the same way. I knew you'd get flamed for saying it though.

By the way, whoever said upthread that the best way to turn an adult into a sugar addict is to limit sugar intake as a child - you are wrong. I had all sorts as a child, nothing denied, puddings, chocolate, the lot. As a grown woman I am definitely a sugar addict and I feel sure the seeds are sown in childhood.

SamSmalaidh Tue 27-Nov-12 21:03:51

Of course there is sugar in Plum yoghurts! Read the nutritional information - Petit Filous is 12g sugar per 100g, Plum is 9g per 100g. Not enough of a difference is feel smug about grin

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