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DD1 (11 YO) watched a 15 rated horror film at their Halloween party.

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AgentZigzag Sun 25-Nov-12 01:13:49

She said after the party had ended how they'd all watched the film The Hole. It was a party for only those in her house and she was with other people her own age, but because the form she's in is 'vertically stacked' (is that what they call it?) there are children from her age up to school leaving age (which is a great way of doing it I reckon).

I thought she'd said this film was a 12 rated, but it's on Film four in half an hour and it's rated a 15!

I'm a bit of a horror fan but haven't seen it before. She said it really freaked them out and some (who I know are only 11/12) couldn't watch and were turning away, but obviously didn't want to not watch because everyone else was).

She's been watching 12s for a while now, but only ones I've watched and know are OK, she's seen one or two 15s, but again, only one's I know won't give her sleepless nights.

AIBU to wonder WTF the school was thinking taking the decision away from me? It's a bit late to do anything now, but if they think a 15's OK, why not an 18 next? Maybe fuck their heads with The Ring, or 28 Days Later? Why not?

Wallison Tue 27-Nov-12 09:35:10

Phew, glad to hear it.

AgentZigzag Sun 25-Nov-12 20:55:47

DD said it was the 12 rated one with a hole rather than the bunker smile

Corruption of PFB has been averted...for now grin

But thanks for the chat/therapy (Walli) regardless.

The 15 rated one wasn't the best I've seen, but it did make me wonder what I'd do if I knew someone was capable of killing people and had threatened me. If you grassed them up you're risking them doing you in/have to go into witness protection (serious bummer), but if you don't they'd kill other people/get away with murder.

(and no I'm not weighing up the odds of someone knowing I'm a serial killer because nobody knows )

SchmancyPants Sun 25-Nov-12 15:04:22

The hole is a 12 if it is the more recent one about a hole in the basement of a house. I'm sure it was that one they watched- I show it at school sometimes at the end of term to year 8 and above.

Mintyy Sun 25-Nov-12 14:59:02

Sorry to hijack but I know someone who allowed her son and his friends to watch 18 cert horror film at his 11th birthday. If my child had been at that party I would have been incandescent with rage.

ThatBastardSanta Sun 25-Nov-12 14:52:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wallison Sun 25-Nov-12 14:06:52

You weren't the first - we were talking about Thora Hird last night as well. I got it right the first time I said it, but not the second. blush

ThatBastardSanta Sun 25-Nov-12 12:29:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frantic51 Sun 25-Nov-12 11:16:23

It has just been brought to my attention that, "LOLLING" is strictly against MN talk guidelines so please accept my unreserved apologies! blush

frantic51 Sun 25-Nov-12 10:47:25

ThatBastardSanta "Thora Hird", that actually made me LOL, seriously! grin

catstail Sun 25-Nov-12 08:45:18

Its up to you what your children watch at home, but it is completely unacceptable for a school to allow children to watch material rated above their age without parental consent.

Even if you watch the film and dont mind it, I think you should take the trouble to make a formal complaint to the school. It may well be okay for your child but another child this year or next year could be scarred for life by an over aged horror film (and their parents might not even know). I have seen MNers who have had this experience.

School have a duty of care to the children and allowing them to watch over aged material is an abuse of this.

ThatBastardSanta Sun 25-Nov-12 06:44:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fairylea Sun 25-Nov-12 06:44:27

Ahhh yes that is true. I'm thinking of the recent kids one. The thora birch one is very scary !

ThatBastardSanta Sun 25-Nov-12 06:40:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fairylea Sun 25-Nov-12 06:33:20

When the hole came out at the cinema it was a 12a. I know this because I took my then 9 year old to see it as she loves creepy films and I didn't think it would be that bad... she loved it!

I don't think it will do an 11 yr old any harm unless they are very sensitive to that sort of thing. .. it is definitely a kids film in my opinion. I'm surprised they've made it a 15 on DVD.

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 25-Nov-12 03:45:30

*adaptation of the book?

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 25-Nov-12 03:44:56

Was it the film with Kiera Knightley or the adapto

AgentZigzag Sun 25-Nov-12 03:29:39

There were definitely what Sky would term 'mature themes' weren't there frantic?

I'll ask DD which one it was tomorrow.

frantic51 Sun 25-Nov-12 03:23:55

Well, I hope it wasn't the film I just watched. I wouldn't have wanted any of mine to watch that at age 11!

Wallison Sun 25-Nov-12 03:21:26

Oh you poor things!

AgentZigzag Sun 25-Nov-12 03:09:56

My mum used to play a 'game' (which I now recognise as her testing what we thought of her) when we were little, and when we shouted her after getting in the door from school, she wouldn't answer.

She said she used to find it interesting listening to the rising panic in our voices 'Mum. Mum. Mummy? MUUUMMMYY?', laughing and stuff when she was telling us about it when we were older hmm

Yeah, hilarious.

(how much are your therapy rates before I say anything else Walli? grin)

Wallison Sun 25-Nov-12 03:01:52

Yy to isolation. And maybe the reason that we are social animals is because there's this primal fear of what's out there, in the dark.

One programme I watched about horror films said that in the slasher movies quite often they will call for their friends for eg when they're walking through the spooky house, but their friends don't hear them or (more often) are already dead. Then they shout for their parents, and of course their parents won't come. Then they say 'Oh my God' etc, and God doesn't come either.

AgentZigzag Sun 25-Nov-12 02:55:46

Yes, interesting as in 'interesting' Wallison grin

AgentZigzag Sun 25-Nov-12 02:55:00

I wouldn't have a hot water bottle when I was little because I thought it'd set the bed on fire.

I've noticed you can break just about any horror down into basically being about isolation, geographically or psychologically, it's what puts the shitters up people the most.

Maybe because we're social animals?

Wallison Sun 25-Nov-12 02:33:03

Makes for an interesting life though, eh, AgentZigzag? Mind, I could have done without scaring myself rigid for quite a long time by looking at an otherwise innocuous Bucks Fizz poster that was on my bedroom wall - there was a little bit on it - think it was a design on one of their jackets - that when the light from the hallway half-hit it looked demonic. And of course I didn't take the bloody thing down because even at that tender age I liked being scared. By Bucks bloody Fizz.

rhondajean Sun 25-Nov-12 02:30:12

The door was locked, I remember that much.

And school bullying.

I have hiccups sad

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