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Aibu to feel guilty that I didn't fill in a baby record book for DS2?

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M0naLisa Sat 24-Nov-12 23:45:19

I'm due DS3 any day now and just thought about baby record books and thought about buying one for DS3 but I didn't do one for DS2 so thought against getting one.

DS1 has one

Now I feel guilty for not doing one for DS2 sad

Panzee Sun 25-Nov-12 11:04:55

I found my brother's and my books at my mum's house. I am the second child, so it was practically bare compared to my brother's. I laughed and asked my mum if this is what happens when you have a second child.

I always thought it was funny, it's not guaranteed that the second child will feel neglected. smile

My son's book was faithfully filled in till about 6 months then tailed off dramatically. grin I suppose I'd better get one in for the next one but I can see it being even worse. grin

M0naLisa Sun 25-Nov-12 11:12:06

It's true though I find about first dc and subsequent.

My ds1 was a johnsons baby
Ds2 was a tesco baby
Ds3 will be a charity/give me what you have baby wink

marriedinwhite Sun 25-Nov-12 11:24:34

Mine both have their new baby and christening cards in big boxes. DS had a scrap book that I started and kept up for about two years with all his school certificates, first drawings etc.. I have kept all the special stuff for both of them but it is stuffed in drawers round the house to be put in a nice place one day for each of them. They are 18 and 14 btw so there is a lot now.

More special than anything for me is the kitchen door with their heights on it for the last many years which I don't let the decorator paint and the cupboard above the w/machine in the utility inside of which I have stuck in chronological order, the proof picture of every single school photo - now from 3 to almost 18 in one case and 3 to 14 in the other. I sometimes go and have a sloppy look.

What I'm trying to say is it's the special things you do for you children that just happen naturally rather than the contrived little manuals that you can put together.

Fresh01 Sun 25-Nov-12 11:31:38

DC1's was filled in. DC2's was partly filled in. For the rest of DC2, DC3 and DC4 I have been noting things in my diary that lives in the kitchen with all the dates for everything in. Have promised myself when DC4 goes to school in a few years I will dig out their books and my old diaries and fill them in!!

MissCalamity Sun 25-Nov-12 13:45:08

I've got a box for DS with the first baby gro he wore, baby toy, newspaper the day he was born and a few more bits and pieces. I have also got a diary which I filled in whilst I was pregnant and up until he turned 1 eg: sleeps, how much milk he was having, when he crawled etc.. but it has turned into a bit of rant about other non related baby things as well.

I really regret not having any photos taken of me with DS when he was born, there's one of me with him in the pool when he was just born but you can't see my face and because I felt so crap and thought I looked rubbish (which I didn't as I'm in photos with other people holding him next to my hospital bed) I just refused. Who's going to look amazing after they've just given birth??!

I've also not kept much of his newborn clothes / toys as I just shoved them in a charity bag, as we were given lots of stuff when he was born - just a blur of a time back then!

I think as mums we're programmed to feel guilty about everything!! smile

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