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to think that it's still the same old male sport on TV despite women doing really well in the Olympics?

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longjane Sat 24-Nov-12 11:26:00

cant you watch the sport you follow online somewhere?

LessMissAbs Sat 24-Nov-12 11:22:41

Cozy I know loads of women who are sports mad. Just like my office is equally full of men and women who have no interest in sport. In actual fact, I have more female friends who are sporty than male. On the streets, I see more women out running than men, who seem to be more interested in being in the pub/lazing around. Athletics has a real problem just now of mens standards declining, and womens' improving. Even amongst the athletics friends, the women just seem to be that bit more dedicated, and the men seem to find excuses/injuries/lack of time as an excuse to give up in their late twenties. Womens' times in all events are coming down, whereas the men struggle to do the times that numerous men were able to achieve 20 years ago.

My friends mainly compete in track athletics/long distance running, triathlon, mountain biking, cycling, swimming, hockey, modern pentathlon and equestrian (showjumping, dressage, eventing and eudurance riding).

I think a channel dedicated to "women's sport" sounds tedious beyond words. Perhaps we should have a channel dedicated to sport that Brits actually succeed in before we think of that?

lljkk Sat 24-Nov-12 11:13:37

Laura Trott has been heavily feted for big wins (Radio 5 Live, World Track Champs, also broadcast on telly... last Saturday?). Jason Kenny has quipped that he's now being referred to as "The Boyfriend of Laura Trott."

Cozy9 Sat 24-Nov-12 10:57:41

There are a lot more armchair sports lovers than there are active participants, and the active participants are more likely to be out participating than they are watching TV!

What sport does your friend compete in?

Why doesn't someone start a channel dedicated to womens sport if there is a demand for it?

I like watching womens sport but I don't have the same kind of consuming interest that many men do for football and other sports.

LessMissAbs Sat 24-Nov-12 10:25:27

As a competitive sportsperson myself, I can't help noticing that in the UK in so many mainstream sports (e.g. athletics with the exception of exception of Mo Farah, football) the men are underachievers. They can't even qualify enough athletes for a team in the marathon at the Olympics, while the women had to leave a number of qualified athletes behind.

Cozy9 what on earth are you talking about? I really want to watch the Global Champions Tour from Dubai this weekend, I'd love to watch some athletics coverage or the triathlon champs from Dubai. All not on mainstream sports because terrestial tv in the main caters for armchair sports lovers, not participants who want to watch their own sports.

I have a friend who actually won a world championship in the States in her sport recently for the third time, who is Scottish, and she got virtually no coverage back home. Its not a completely mainstream sport but is probably more mainstream than F1, and certainly has many more participants!

Most women interested in sport are too busy being out there actually doing it, rather than sitting on their backsides in front of a tv! But some of us would like the opportunity of watching it when we relax!

Sports coverage and sports journalism is completely out of date and really old fashioned.

Cozy9 Sat 24-Nov-12 10:17:55

They should look at the popularity of mens sport vs womens sport, and allocate coverage accordingly with a bit of bias towards womens sport. Having equal coverage is ridiciulous, when most women simply aren't that interested in spectator sports. How often do you hear women talk about sport at work compared to men?

FudgeyCookie Sat 24-Nov-12 10:13:09

I finished my studies in Sport at college in July, and one of the last units that we had to complete looked at this. The problem is, men's sport gets more media coverage, which means more sponsorship (because of the media coverage) which means more spectators, which then in turn means more sales of merchandies etc etc..

Men's sport is generally more popular.. I'm not saying that's right, but it's the way it is unfortunately.

Cozy9 Sat 24-Nov-12 09:54:11

I think womens MMA should be on TV. Ronda Rousey is an icon to women.

notcitrus Sat 24-Nov-12 09:53:59

Women's football is appearing in the Metro etc regularly, whereas before it was pretty much ignored even when they were world cup finalists. Similarly cycling is getting more coverage. But it's starting from a pretty low base.
Will depend in future on sales of tickets for women's football etc, I think.

Whowouldfardelsbear Sat 24-Nov-12 09:49:02

Here in New Zealand they show international women's netball (and some league matches) on prime time TV and main channels. Lots of people go to watch it live too.

NUFC69 Sat 24-Nov-12 09:43:25

I don't tend to watch women's sports because generally the women aren't as good as the men in the sport which I watch - ie football. On the odd occasion that I have watched the level has probably only been as good as Conference football. And I don't watch women's tennis because I can't stand the grunting!

Sirzy Sat 24-Nov-12 09:04:24

The problem is until we have females in rugby and motor racing achieving close to the same level as their male counter parts then of course it won't get the same level of coverage.

I have seen coverage of woman's cricket and football because they are starting to build more success but the gap is still massive

Cozy9 Sat 24-Nov-12 09:02:23

What womens sport should be shown? Would people watch it?

mrskeithrichards Sat 24-Nov-12 08:53:59

What else is happening that needs covered?

CaptainBarnaclesDaddyman Sat 24-Nov-12 08:53:50

Really? I'm sure I watched a few of the England women's team football matches on BBC3 recently...

kim147 Sat 24-Nov-12 08:49:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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