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to hate my birthday

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McChristmasPants2012 Sat 24-Nov-12 01:40:46

I am trying to do something for my birthday after many years of bitter disappointed.

My birthday is 11 days before christmas, it always have been lol, I understand that people are short of cash with christmas but I want one year to be a bit special.

I am just getting a bit sick of the only excuss that christmas is so close.

mrsnec Sun 25-Nov-12 17:37:17

Mine is the 20th of Dec. Used to hate it but it's easier to deal with as I get older. Was due on boxing day and that would have been worse! When I was a kid I'd often get small presents on my brother's birthday in July so I didn't feel left out! I used to get joint pressies and sometimes still do but I don't mind that. Also growing up my DM didn't let us put the tree up until after my birthday so I tend to put ours up really early now! As the others have said my problem is I hardly ever get to celebrate with my friends. Same issues as above. They often suggest doing things at other times of the year when it's convenient to them and they'll buy me a drink and then declare it my birthday treat! I have one friend who constantly bangs on about her birthday celebrations to the point that I got a bit fed up with it and told her I didn't want to hear about it! Those who make little effort for me get the same in return and its saved me a fortune!

ContinentalKat Sun 25-Nov-12 17:56:19

I feel your pain! As a child it was sort of ok (except for the joint presents), as everybody would turn up for my party. Mostly because parents relished a few child- free hours before Christmas. Nowadays my birthday is the day that everybody travels home. Great.

Dcs birthdays are very carefully planned summer birthdays!

McChristmasPants2012 Sun 25-Nov-12 17:57:55

thanks for all the replys.

sorted out my birthday, i am going to have a night in with a bottle of wine and some naiche snacks.

streakybacon Sun 25-Nov-12 19:34:29

Hope you have a lovely time, McChristmas grin.

Glitterspy Sun 25-Nov-12 20:06:56

I just had my birthday dinner last night (the actual day is in the week) and with a bit of forward planning/booking, it all works out gear most years. I get that if it was nearer to Xmas/NYE that's hard though. So Pascha don't worry about your due date, your child will have a magical birthday, this time of year is just before the madness begins!

dawntigga Sun 25-Nov-12 21:27:33

McChristmasPants2012 good for you, we shall be eating naice food I haven't had to cook v much and watching The Polar Express in our new pj's whilst eating birthday cake - if anyone buys me one, it's been 43 years I'm pretty sure another one will slip by without a cake - or similar goody.


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