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Religion was IBU

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altinkum Thu 22-Nov-12 20:51:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Binkybix Sun 25-Nov-12 10:48:49

Thanks Ophelia. I know that 'man' is shorthand for 'mankind' (ie humans).

My question was more about trying to understand how the idea that mankind was created in the form that we are now (ie in God's image) is married with evolution theory (ie mankind evolved from other organisms and was not created as we are now).

As I say, not trying to be antagonistic - just interested.

onetiredmummy Sun 25-Nov-12 12:08:51

Oh OP I get the same from a family member & I'm an atheist, have been since my teens.

Ignore them, you know you get fundamental Christians who are OTT about everything loosely concerned with their faith? Well you get the same with atheists and it sounds like your colleague is one of them.

Every time I see this family member I get quizzed about how dreadful it is that schools even mention faith of any kind, I get lectured about how I'm not doing enough to expose the lies of religion (because I'm a gentle atheist & you all can worship whatever you want, which is wrong apparently). I get lectured that anyone who has a faith is an idiot & foolish, & the contempt they show for any believer is very uncomfortable. She won't shut up about it & is aggressive & won't back off. She is horrible, my heart goes out to you at not being able to escape.

HR policies are there for a reason, use them.

HecatePropylaea Sun 25-Nov-12 12:47:47

I find that just repeating "I don't care what you think" or the even more direct "I don't care about anything that you think about anything"

and saying nothing else at all - makes them go away. There really is only so long you can talk at someone whose only response is "I don't care what you think" grin

And, I know it's rude. But when someone decides to be breathtakingly ignorant, I say give it to them with both barrels grin

vladimirimp Sun 25-Nov-12 12:48:33

If the situation played out as described above, then it sounds to me that she was trying to deliberately upset you - "what did you get your DD for Christmas", "The Bible is a load of crap" - I just don't see the link?! Unless of course someone else in the conversation had provoked it.

Having said all that, I always struggle to understand why religious people are offended by people saying stuff like this. I mean, you must realise that the vast majority of people think that what you believe is fabricated, regardless of your religion. (To be clear, that Christians must presume that other religions are false, same for Muslims, Jews, Hindus, atheists...every group is in the minority yet thinks it holds the true view). To be offended because people say something when you already know they believe it, is odd.

HecatePropylaea Sun 25-Nov-12 12:52:33

To have someone following you round repeating it when you've been pleading with them to just agree to disagree and just drop it is odder grin

ethelb Sun 25-Nov-12 12:52:47

@binky the catholic church argues that man was made in gods image and there is sanctity of human life and just doesn't feel this is incompatible with evolution. No further explanation on this has been offered by the church as it isn't considered necessary or even something that is fully understood.

I guess the best explanation is that God oversaw an evolution that eventually produced humans. It was just a very long way if creating something inhis image. Doesn't mean they aren't in Gods image just because God took a long time over it necessarily.

giveitago Sun 25-Nov-12 14:09:02

anyone having this convo at work rather than with your crew down the pub or whatever is just unprofessional really. Don't give up your job over this.

I'm not religious and find RC very difficult to negotiate (dh rc) but work is for being professional. Like everyone, I have loads of opinions on lots of things but work is for being a bit insipid and just getting on with work and not offending colleagues.

If it happens again I'd have a world with your HR as you should be able to work without feeling your being insulted in your personal life.

giveitago Sun 25-Nov-12 14:21:14

you're not your

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