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To bombard Cameron and Miller on Twitter or should I just forget £29k

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jjuice Thu 22-Nov-12 18:39:36

I feel like banging my head on the wall.

Phoned CSA today to see if they had managed to obtain a payment for October, will have to ignore missing July August and September payments and to see if they had confirmed the new exactly the same as the last 2 Deduction of earnings order has been set up.

I was told that my exP has put in a change of circumstances what ANOTHER? it doesn't affect his protected earnings so there is no reason that he shouldn't pay. However they cannot chase it until 19th December and even then they can't enforce it until the change of circumstances work has been done, about 5th February 2013.

Then I was told that the enforcement team will phone me, although I didn't hold out hope as I have requested a call about 15 times since they received my file in May. (although they have had file on and off for about 4-5 years and haven't actually enforced anything yet)

I was astounded when I received a phone call within 10 mins, and even more astounded when I was told the file was being passed to Civil Enforcement who will probably put a charging order on his property.

Fabulous.Not. He has 2 young children so they can't make him sell his house so I am looking at 16 years til his youngest is 18, by that time my eldest will be 31!

This is for his liability order for £18,000 he has run up a further £11,000 arrears which the CSA are supposedly arranging another liability order for.

So where is the incentive for him to pay anything? The csa have been breathtakingly crap at enforcing anything so why should he pay any regular maintenance at all if it can all be added onto a worthless piece of paper that says I can have it in nearly 2 decades?

I sent a twitter to David Cameron and Maria Miller (Works and Pensions Minister) and am debating sending them 10 a day.

AIBU or should I just kiss goodbye to my children's money?

thenightsky Thu 22-Nov-12 18:54:52

Yes. Absolutely bombard them!

HappyMummyOfOne Thu 22-Nov-12 19:06:19

Why would you bombard them? Its not their fault your ex wont pay? Perhaps you should speak to him rather than twitter.

ShellyBoobs Thu 22-Nov-12 19:39:00


It's your ex who isn't paying for HIS children. He's the issue here.

Talk about missing the point spectacularly.

jjuice Thu 22-Nov-12 20:18:10

happy I can't speak to him, 10 years on I am still scared of him. He is violent, nasty and unreasonable.

Shelly what point have I spectacularly missed?

He won't pay, he earns in excess of £50k so definitely has the means to pay, I have been to 2 tribunals to prove this.
The CSA have the means to enforce, I had no choice other than to go through them.
The CSA have for 10 years allowed him to not pay. Have never sent Criminal Compliance to his family run company despite them (the csa) telling me that he slipped up on the phone and said that they had set his protected earnings too low. so was paying about a 20th of Deduction of earnings order.

I have put in about 10 complaints over the years and have got nowhere.

Cameron and Miller are responsible to some extent. It is her department

She has promised intensive action against irresponsible parents who have failed to support their children after separation.

Yet with so many other options me waiting til my kids are in their 30's seems the best?


ILoveOnionRings Thu 22-Nov-12 20:31:28

I think what Op means is it is the sytem in place that the CSA have to follow is the reason she wants to bombard them. And to some extent I do agree.

The CSA have to work within guidelines and any change of circumstance of the defaulter can mean that the process starts again. Having been there jjuice but not to your extent, I gave up after 3 years of chasing, DS's father owed 9 years ago around £5k in the last 6 months I recieve £14 something every 2 weeks.

The only hope I can give you is that I was told that any arrears built up until DS reached the age of 16 or 19th birthday if in education DS's father has to pay until it is cleared. (this advice was given 6 years ago but assume it is still the same).

Good luck

Teabagtights Thu 22-Nov-12 20:35:07

Do what I did. Support your own child. Why waste your breath on a loser? I never understand why women rely on the fathers. Once they fuck off in a lot of cases their lives move on and they couldn't give a shit. All you do is give yourself stress and anxiety. Write the money off and support the child yourself much more satisfactory makes you feel good too as then they can't go on Bout giving you anything.

MsElleTow Thu 22-Nov-12 20:44:41

It was no better under the last Govenment or the one before. I have experience of being on the other side. DH his a NRP, his ExW did everything she possibly could to get more money out of us. We went to Tribunals because the CSA assessed DH wrongly, we won, it took fecking ages to sort it out.

The stress was unimaginable. I don't envy you at all. They are bloody useless and should be completely scrapped. It was set up in order to help children, it has done no such thing. It has caused problem after problem in estranged families with children stuck in the middle. sad

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Thu 22-Nov-12 20:50:52

It's the principle that absent parents should be chased and forced to pay for their children and there should be a system in place which effectively enforces that.

The CSA is shit, everyone knows it, so complain away I say.

jjuice Thu 22-Nov-12 20:54:00

Yes Ilove* that's what I am trying to say. Although in my case the CSA have not followed the system. They admitted maladministration years ago yet didn't change how they dealt with my case.

The thing with the change of circumstances drives me nuts as because of data protection they are not allowed to tell me the change. One time it turned out the change of circumstances was that he had told them he was paying me directly. This was believed and his payments were not chased up.

The arrears never go away he will always owe them.

Teabag whilst I agree with you that it is stressful I do think that when 2 people have children it shouldn't be just down to one parent to completely care and maintain those children.
ExP has an older child and my 2 and 2 more.If he hasn't changed his spots, and the violence eventually gets too much for his new DP, he will move on and have more. If he doesn't have to be responsible for the 5 he already has why is it fair for the state or these mothers to support them alone. They are his children.

My DD plays at a very high level in her chosen sport and has been told she has a future playing with England. Apart from the time taking her training and to matches the cost is astronomical. I can't get another job as I have no free time. I also can't let her dreams slip her by because of finances when her father can afford to help financially support her and her DB.

ILoveOnionRings Thu 22-Nov-12 23:53:42

As far as I am aware they still have to pay the any arrears. I asked quite directly at the time what would happen to the £5k and they said he has to pay this even after DS reaches his 19th birthday as it is a debt. It is probably more than that now, but as I posted earlier I havn't contacted the CSA for around 6 years.

I got fed up with the whole thing, he hasn't had contact with DS for the last 8 - 9 years previously to this he would pop up like a bad penny, usually when things got hard for him every 18 months or so. I was already managing without the money and just couldn't be bothered with the endless circles.

From the otherside my DB has been hammered by the CSA by his Exp and like MsElleTow has been wrongly assessed at least on 4 occassions and then had to fight tooth and nail to get them to accept the error.

He has always paid - do the CSA just go for the easy option??? Is it any wonder that the agency is held in such distain by so many?

How hard can it be to slap a direct deduction of earnings from pay source? How hard can it be to get it right? Surely they have access to the Inland Revenue and Benefit agency records.


Have you tried involving your MP?

DinosaursOnAnAdventCalender Fri 23-Nov-12 00:07:04

I really don't understand how the CSA works.

I split with my ex (and father to ds3) in May and contacted the CSA. I heard nothing for ages and rang them again. They said my claim hadn't been filed or something so my claim would have to start from the date of my second call, ds3 lost out on 6 weeks worth of maintenance because of that.

So after a few more weeks I got a letter saying they had written to and called ex and he had to provide them with income details, which he did and the amount due to ds3 was decided. But still no payments were made.

I called them again last month to ask what was happening and was told that ex had said he was making direct payments to me. Which he wasn't. I again gave them my bank details and they said they had to do another income thingy with ex.

Which they did and they amount came out the same as before,

But still no maintenance arrived. So I called them again and they sent a schedule of payments including arrears to us both. But still no money arrived.

I spoke to them last week and they say they need to do another income thingy.

I've pretty much given up. I haven't got a clue what they are doing.

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