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Locked out of DH's garage

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auroramusisamica Sun 18-Nov-12 22:16:30

Am silently fuming as DH has converted our garage into his 'studio' and refuses to give me a key. It has been about a year now and I didn't think much of it first, we agreed it was his place to work, is filled with his things and I had no desire to go in there.
However it has been dawning on me that I don't like being locked out of part of my house. There have been occasions when I wanted to access things (like blank DVDs or paint brushes) and couldn't get them.

I do go in there with him but I have asked for a key, several times over the last few months and he says I don't need one, it is just his stuff, he doesn't want me in there going through things etc.

If he had just given me one first I would have no interest but now it has become this big issue and his refusal is making me want to go through it (which is not like me, I know he has porn there & I don't mind, but he knows I know this so must be something else right?)

So AIBU to want a key, surely if he had nothing to hide he would just give me one?

beeny Tue 19-Feb-13 01:22:27

Will we ever find out ?

ComposHat Tue 19-Feb-13 01:27:02

Odd. Has he renamed it the Fred West suite?

Booyhoo Tue 19-Feb-13 01:31:45

this is so sad

what has he done to you to make you so afraid of standing up to him? not going to go over it all again. i'm sure you've read all the comments OP. i just hope you can find that courage somewhere to stand up for yourself. i hope you really are ok.

wintersweet Tue 19-Feb-13 05:48:41

I'd change the lock move all his stuff out put mine in there and see what he thinks of it!

bugsyburge Tue 19-Feb-13 16:10:18

Ah spent a good portion of time reading this thread this morning to come to the conclusion that we are still non the wiser!!!

Pigsmummy Tue 19-Feb-13 18:38:52

I hope that the op is ok and I did think about this the other day.

beeny Sat 23-Mar-13 20:26:00

I would like to know what happened

DoJo Sat 23-Mar-13 22:28:19

Me too, although you posting that made me think there was an update from the OP so now I'm all curious again!

CouthySaysEatChoccyEggs Sat 23-Mar-13 22:46:39

My first thought was sone sort of illegal porn OR evidence on his computer of him being unfaithful, like profiles on dating sites etc. one way not to be found out - do it all from a computer that your wife has no access to because it's in a locked room...

CheeseAndMushroomToastie Sat 23-Mar-13 22:49:56

Thought this was an update sad

EggyFucker Sat 23-Mar-13 22:51:08

Got my hopes have them dashed


peppapigmustdie Sat 23-Mar-13 22:52:45

Thought this was an update too!

Bluelightsandsirens Sat 23-Mar-13 22:54:53

This thread was mentioned on another thread the other day.

Hope you are ok op

fuckwittery Sat 23-Mar-13 23:01:37

just wading into the legalities argument.
Hacking into his computer, reading documents in desk drawers would be an actionable breach of privacy, confidence exists between husband and wife
[[Imerman v Imerman [2010] EWCA Civ 908]]

Gaining access into a locked room in your jointly owned house (and not reading his personal papers) would not be wrongful.

EggyFucker Sat 23-Mar-13 23:02:10

******zombie thread*********

fuckwittery Sat 23-Mar-13 23:02:27

link again

Imerman v Imerman 2010 EWCA Civ 908

fuckwittery Sat 23-Mar-13 23:04:03

ah, just seen it's an old(ish) thread - not that old though - OP, how are you?

CouthySaysEatChoccyEggs Sat 23-Mar-13 23:04:55

Fuck that. Nobody would be locking me out of ANY part of my home. And if they did - I'd be fucking breaking in (can it even be called 'breaking in' when it's your own home?!) there and then.

It's odd, seriously ODD.

beeny Tue 28-May-13 20:58:59

Will we find out what happened?

Pigsmummy Tue 28-May-13 21:12:11

I am worried that op has been harmed. Is there anyway that Mumsnet HQ can majestic contact?

beeny Tue 28-May-13 21:14:09

Yes I see ur point.I agree mumsnet should enquire

Pigsmummy Tue 28-May-13 21:14:43

Majestic = makes. Very bizarre behaviour from iPad auto correct soz!

ecclesvet Tue 28-May-13 21:58:10

Why would you think OP has been harmed? She made it clear in her last post that she didn't want to continue updating the thread.

Pouncer1 Tue 28-May-13 22:00:55

I wonder if she ever got her own key?

AnyFucker Tue 28-May-13 22:02:09

This is the thread that keeps on giving...

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