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AIBU for getting pissed off with DP for being so strict with DD 3.7 Not Saying please and thank you.

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xJulesx Sun 18-Nov-12 21:14:11

DD does say please and thank you, but also does need reminding an awful lot,
I'm of the opionion that, It is something that she will get eventually with prompting. Every time she is given some thing or asks for something and doesn't say please or thank you, I will remind her. DP is totally the opposite from me, he will say she can't have something or take something away from her, If she doesn't say please or thank you, Cue DD getting very upset and crying, Cue me getting pissed off with him. At what age should they be saying it without being prompted to do so.

Ozziegirly Mon 19-Nov-12 03:42:51

My DS is 2.2 and uses please and thank you quite often - no big deal made, just either repeating what he's said but with the word, or a gentle reminder.

And when he says thank you (please seems to have stuck quicker) I often say "you're welcome, and thank you for your lovely manners"

We were in a shoe shop the other day and he got to choose some shoes and said "those ones please mummy" and then "thank you mummy" when I bought them, and the saleswoman commented on his manners <swell with pride> and I made sure I told him what she had said.

It's important to me because I think it makes for a likeable child which stands you in good stead throughout your life.

Also, I do ask him to say "thank you for having me" when we have been at a party - mainly because I clearly remember going to a party when I was small, saying it and (I assume) the mum telling my mum, and my mum saying how proud she was of me remembering to say it when she wasn't there.

drizzlecake Mon 19-Nov-12 04:16:20

Well, naturally, as DP, I am sure NEVER forgets his pleases, thank yous and your welcomes DD will pick it up herself without any need for prompting etc

Iteotwawki Mon 19-Nov-12 04:21:56

I don't think he's being unreasonable at all. Both my boys say please and thank you, it's basic manners. And we taught it by example and by not giving the item requested until they said "please", then not letting go of it until they said "thank you". Now they are older (4&6) I don't respond to requests unless there is a please attached.

They are regularly complimented for lovely manners and I tell them whenever they are, to reinforce it. I'm with your DP on this one.

Lavenderhoney Mon 19-Nov-12 05:14:38

Mine say please and thank you -( 5 and 3) and I am kind of with your dp on this. My dh is very firm about it- no 'give me a drink" it's "please may I have...'
No snapping ' please' just to please you. I haven't explained this very well.

They have to say thank you or I do take it back- we practised this when they were just learning to talk ie " would you like a biscuit?" yes please! Now you say please...

I think it should be natural , and I do notice my dc noticing other children who don't say please and thank you to them.

I think you have to be aware of how they talk to you, as to others they sound rude but to you it's normal and before you know it you have an older child who has bad manners.. I had a friend round who commented on my ds asking in a certain way when he was 2/3 and it pulled me upsmile

I was out once and another mum Noticed ds had his eye on her crisps. Would you like one- if you say please you can. He wouldn't so she put them away! He was a bit surprised but he always says it now!

PerryCombover Mon 19-Nov-12 05:18:50

Better that she understands the concept and means it when she says it IMO than getting into some daft password powerstruggle with a 3 yo

quirrelquarrel Mon 19-Nov-12 08:01:58

My cousin is 7 and needs prompting sometimes! I hate saying "what do you say..." (I bucked up and became super polite as a kid because I hated people saying that to me! for some reason) but when you do she immediately comes out with it. It's usually just when she's preoccupied- like if someone's just given her a sweet. Her brother is absolutely fine, just a year or so older.

However......I do have a friend who can be bloody annoying because he rarely says please/thank you. He says he wasn't drilled in manners because he was away at school from a young age, so that explains it. But I have another friend who went to boarding school at 7 and she doesn't have that problem. I guess it depends on individual children.......and let's face it, it's not just please/thank you that counts. It's also consideration and courtesy.

quirrelquarrel Mon 19-Nov-12 08:08:10

Ozzie your DS sounds adorable, I could hardly talk at two grin
you can tell him that if you like grin

I went back home for reading week and when I was out of the door to go back home my mum said...."what do you say?". I'd already said thank you and goodbye everything. "What about, "thanks for having me?"" grin

WelshMaenad Mon 19-Nov-12 08:15:41

My 2.5 year old knows he doesn't get anything unless he says please. Seems perfectly reasonable to me!

quirrelquarrel Mon 19-Nov-12 08:22:16

Anyone who lives abroad- when do you insist on no duzen/tutoyering? sorry, don't know the English term!

NUFC69 Mon 19-Nov-12 11:51:13

Years ago I remember the next door neighbour's 7 year old daughter coming in and staying for lunch. We asked her what she wanted; she said fish and chips (I think it was), she didn't say please. I can remember saying to her "and what else?", meaning "where's the please?". She responded with "peas!" We did laugh.

Alisvolatpropiis Mon 19-Nov-12 12:05:47

I don't think he is being unreasonable. She does need to learn.

quirrelquarrel Mon 19-Nov-12 12:06:26

grin NUFC that's so cute

handsandknees Mon 19-Nov-12 12:15:36

I do think you have to kind of "drill" it into them so it becomes automatic. My dcs all got it consistently by around age 4 I would say. It's very annoying when children haven't been taught manners and I think you need to do it young. Please and thank you go in the same category as putting your rubbish in the bin instead of throwing it on the floor imo - you learn it when you're very young. I never give anything unless dcs ask nicely, and that includes other dcs in my house. I once had a stand-off with my then 3yo niece who was trying to prise a biscuit from my hand but refused to say thank you. She didn't get the biscuit until her mum came and gave it to her anyway.

Slumberparty Mon 19-Nov-12 13:50:15

My 2.5 year old DNiece is very polite even when being naughty - my Dsis will say "Do you want to go on the naughty step?" DNiece will respond "No thank you mummy" grin

Mama1980 Mon 19-Nov-12 13:54:16

My ds is 4 and tbh it's pretty automatic for him now. It's been kind if drilled into him, no please no get! I don't think I ever sanctioned to get him to do it it has just always been that way and he knows it iyswim? Most of his friends automatically say please and thank you now in my experience.

CailinDana Mon 19-Nov-12 14:00:25

Does he say "please" and "thank you" to your DD? I am shocked by the number of parents who don't ever show any manners to their children - they don't say please and thank you to them, they don't introduce them to new people, etc yet they expect exemplary manners back. It makes no sense. My DS started saying "please" and "thank you" of his own accord when he was about 14 months because he hears me say it to him all the time. He started coming out with it all of a sudden and I was surprised - but my MIL said "Of course he says it, you are always so polite to him, he hears you saying it all the time." It didn't even occur to me. He's now added "No thanks" to his repertoire because lately he's been offering me food a lot and I don't want it due to it being covered in toddler goo. I always refuse politely, and so he does the same for others.

Tabliope Mon 19-Nov-12 15:15:36

I think your DH is going to make her a very anxious child. Sorry to have to say it. OTT.

I used to hate having to say at grandparents "please may I leave the table". We never said it at home - it just never came up as we all left the table at the same time. It just seemed so formal and forced. Same with being told you must answer the telephone with Hello and then the telephone number. I hated that. Why couldn't I just say hello? A couple of friends get their kids to say good evening, this is xxx xxxx. It's so stiff. My DS grunts hello. Fine by me. DS was often complimented on his manners. Just copied me with the pleases and thank yous. No need to make a big thing at that age if they forget and need prompting. I'd certainly never take something back.

HollaAtMeBaby Mon 19-Nov-12 16:35:02

I think prompting once and punishing wilful refusal is the way to go.

Just a thought, but does your DP say please and thank you himself EVERY TIME? If not, be sure to point this out to him and pull him up when he doesn't... modelling Ps & Qs yourself is the best way of getting DCs to say them "automatically".

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