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Right I never ever complain..

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GhostShip Sun 18-Nov-12 16:53:51

to companies and stuff, but would I be in reason to do so on this occasion:

I've just received my ASDA delivery. On time as usual, brilliant service. Only thing is I've lifted one of the bags from the crates, and the bag has split allowing a 2 litre bottle of diet lemo to fall on my foot. It bloody hurt, and now the toe is swelling. I suspect its broken, but no point going to A&E coz it'll be a waste of their time. On looking, they've put 4 bottles of this into one single bag, which I'm sure they must have been able to tell wouldn't hold it.

I don't want to get anyone into trouble, but I just though that if this happened to a more frail person rather than myself who's a clumsy shit and hurts themselves all time, it might be a worse outcome.


Sitting here waiting for your responses, with a bag of birds eye steam fresh veg on my toe.

BeerTricksPott3r Sun 18-Nov-12 16:58:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Salmotrutta Sun 18-Nov-12 16:58:50

Oh poor you!

I would probably have sworn a lot bit.

Call them and complain.

TwitchyTail Sun 18-Nov-12 17:04:50

There's a difference between "complaining" and letting them know they are doing something potentially unsafe. As you say, you might be preventing the same thing happening to someone else.

Just send a polite email explaining the facts, as you've done here. No need to feel bad about it.

Hope your foot gets better soon!

TeentheBean Sun 18-Nov-12 17:07:46

Just as well it was diet lemo - imagine if it was the full fat stuff!

Seriously, tho, if you think it's broken, why would you be wasting A & E's time?????

Tincletoes Sun 18-Nov-12 17:08:19

I would. As you say to stop it happening again.

I rang waitrose this week as some bozo had put the ham in the same bag as the stewing steak - which had then leaked blood all over the ham. They did refund for the ham, but it was similar situation in that I just think someone needs better training - it's simple food hygiene and again, someone with bad eyesight or something might not have realised.

TheMonster Sun 18-Nov-12 17:10:38

I think you should let them know.

GhostShip Sun 18-Nov-12 17:18:04

Brilliant thanks peeps, makes me feel better now, I've started the email by praising them because they really are good, just not in the packing grin

teenthebean there's not much they can do really for a broken toe is there? I broke my little toe on the opposite foot last year and didn't go. I'll be okay, just hobble round for a bit.

GhostShip Sun 18-Nov-12 17:18:15

And grin @ full fat

NoraGainesborough Sun 18-Nov-12 17:59:47

Yes send them email advising them. That's different to kicking off.
A&e don't usually do anything for broken toes.

Bogeyface Sun 18-Nov-12 18:05:13

You need to get it checked just in case.

My sister broke her toe and thought the same as you, just left it. Then she broke it again, but because it hadnt been checked the first time her toe ended up pointing the wrong way, it still makes me heave to thing about it! A&E said that they would have xrayed and then strapped it up if needed to keep it in the right place while it healed and while it wouldnt have prevented the second break, it would have stopped it being so bad.

Also, being mercenary, have hospital proof of the break would be good for compensation purposes! wink

GhostShip Sun 18-Nov-12 18:17:53

Oh good god bogey your poor sister!

It's my own fault for answering the door in hot pants and bare feet... Well the deliveryman did come early, he could have prevented himself from getting a fright blush

uggmum Sun 18-Nov-12 18:28:26

My dh broke his big toe building an ikea bed. He didn't go to hospital for 2 weeks. But he had to give in and go as he was in agony. He had it strapped up but it took months to heal due to the delay in treatment.

ddubsgirl Sun 18-Nov-12 18:55:48

I would email or ring them just to add they are taking on a lot of Xmas temps so may have been a newbie and forgot the rules on packing

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