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In thinking that good make-up is deceptive?

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Moominsummermadness Sun 18-Nov-12 16:51:41

Well of course it's supposed to be. That's the whole point of it. Even very subtle make-up is worn to make us look prettier, younger, healthier. This morning, I was rushing around trying to get four DCs ready to get two of them to panto rehearsals, and then on to my parents house, yet I 'had' to find the time to put some make-up on.

I've been told that I am pretty, but it is all an illusion. I scare even myself with my bare reflection sometimes. I won't go out of the house without at least some concealer under my eyes, mascara and blusher. It makes me feel weird, almost naked. I would love to have the confidence to go make-up free, but the odd time I have been to work without a full face of slap, I have been questioned about the state of my health.

I have four DDs, and hope that at least one of them doesn't turn out as vain as her mother grin.

BinksToEnlightenment Mon 19-Nov-12 13:48:55

Agree with that Everlong. My fingers itch to get working on some people.


PeggyCarter Mon 19-Nov-12 13:49:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

freddiefrog Mon 19-Nov-12 13:51:43

I always wear make up. I don't plaster it on, but wouldn't leave the house without something.

Someways I can get away with a bit of eyeliner and mascara and a bit of lip gloss, other days, the bags and wrinkles require a full service.

I also wear fake tan, dye my grey hair, shave the hair off various body parts, wear matching undies and make an effort with clothes

I don't give a shiny shite what other people choose to do (or not) with their appearance, if you don't like it, don't do it <shrug>

NessunDorma Mon 19-Nov-12 13:53:30

I used to feel so self-conscious, I'd talk to the postman and the whole time think he was staring at my scars/bags

lubeybooby Mon 19-Nov-12 15:11:19

<high fives NessunDorma> <adds a knowing nod>

roooibos Mon 19-Nov-12 17:14:58

For an MN makeup fred, this is pretty standard stuff,, can I now shout "BINGO?" - yep, I think everything's been covered on here now: I was just waiting for the 'I spend more time with loved ones' spiel (& you haven't let me down) grin

Spice17 Mon 19-Nov-12 17:27:12

I would go without make up to nip to the shop etc but sadly I can't as I have horrible brown marks on my face from pregnancy (can't remember what they're called?) so have to cover it with foundation or I feel like people are looking at me sad

DH took a pic of me after I had DD recently (obviously sans make up) and it looked like I had dotted fake tan on my face or daubed myself with a tea bag!

Floggingmolly Mon 19-Nov-12 17:45:48

Every single time for the past ten years or so that I've gone barefaced I've been asked if I'm ill. Every single time hmm
It's made me so paranoid that I'd now sooner leave the house without knickers than I would makeup.

TiggyD Mon 19-Nov-12 17:53:47

Yes it is deceptive. It's supposed to make you look better than you would normally.

(Although it can work the other way round too!)

BiteTheTopsOffIcedGems Mon 19-Nov-12 17:59:59

I don't leave the house without make up. I love it. I don't wear loads but enough.
I can do concealer, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow in about 3 mins on the school run with 5 children.
I HAVE to wear it so people don't think its the apocalypse .
My mum and gran came to my house once before I had chance to put my face on and they said 'you look terrible what is wrong with you?'

hattymattie Mon 19-Nov-12 18:28:27

I am never without my lipstick - I always have one with my so I can just swipe it on - don't feel right without it.

Otherwise I normally put on tinted moisturiser (clinique) and a bit of blush or I look like sister death in winter ( can go without in summer). If I have something formal will do beauty flash balm or primer plus foundation plus blush and mascara and eyeliner on top lids plus neutral eyeshadow that just adds a bit of sparkle.

Eliza22 Mon 19-Nov-12 18:30:25

Well, I love wearing makeup. I'm 50. Now, I need it to stop me looking drab. I don't use it to attract the opposite sex, or even the same sex. I wear it because I feel prettier in it. My husband loves watching me put it on (not in a creepy way - more the fact that is feminine).

I use tinted moisturiser, blush, shadow and mascara. Always coloured lip balm. Not a full-on look IMO. Am I insecure? Possibly, but when I look around at ladies my age, who look like a little bit of SOMETHING would bring them back to "full health" I'm glad I make the time to apply mine.

I'm not glamourous. I'm not pretty. But I AM attractive, more so with my face on. And I like it that way.

kerstina Mon 19-Nov-12 18:47:18

Yes you are right. Make up can be deceptive. I read something on facebook the other day it said "Bitch I could take most of your so called beauty off with a tissue!" It made me think.
Most models have blank faces that can be made to look beautiful with makeup.
I look very pale and probably ill looking without makeup but I am quite good at the art of putting on make up and have reasonable bone structure so I can fool people. I hate heavy unnatural looking makeup but makeup can just look like a more polished version of yourself and gives you a bit of colour.

Everlong Mon 19-Nov-12 18:54:44

My handbag has nothing but lipglosses in it in every shade of nudey pink oh and my purse.

InNeedOfBrandy Mon 19-Nov-12 19:02:48

I wear foundation, blush, mascara and a dab of Vaseline every day. Without it I feel terrible and close friends will ask if I'm ill. I will for instance take dc swimming and walk home without make up but I wouldn't stop to chat to anybody and I don't feel like me.

I love going out somewhere nice and putting full slap on, I could do this every day but then I'd look the same all the time.

cocolepew Mon 19-Nov-12 19:18:12

I love wearing make up, I slap on a full face every day.

I didn't do my eyes as dark as usual today and about a million people told me I looked tired hmm.

ICBINEG Tue 20-Nov-12 14:21:23

joyful I only sound smug and judgemental because you know I am so very right...

squoosh Tue 20-Nov-12 14:23:14

I only sound smug and judgemental because you know I am so very right


Clearly lots of people think you're wrong.

ICBINEG Tue 20-Nov-12 14:23:57

yes but they can't help it can they...I mean I forgive them their misunderstanding of the world...

DragonMamma Tue 20-Nov-12 14:28:27

Make up makes everybody look better. Fact. Whether you wear it or not is up to you. But I recommend everybody does.

I am housebound due a broken foot at the moment and I STILL put make up on, every morning. I feel all unkempt and plain otherwise. Only takes 5 mins and I tend to use a BB cream in the week for speed.

My DS flushed my blusher down the loo and I was quite traumatised as DH can't be trusted to get the 'right' one. Luckily my mum views make up like I do - it's the 'done' thing in our family to slap on your war paint every day. Even my mid-70s nan does.

Glimmerberry Tue 20-Nov-12 14:31:22

Make up keeps me sane. After 20+ years of living with teenage acne, hormonal adult acne, prenatal acne and now postnatal acne, I don't know how I'd face the world without it.

ICBINEG Tue 20-Nov-12 14:46:17

So when you see someone with a huge birthmark or with acne etc what do you think?

I don't think anything at all. It doesn't really register. We are all different in our physical appearance and that is a good thing for the gene pool. Spots aren't a moral issue, they are a genetic issue. You certainly aren't worth less to society (or to me) if you have them.

So when you see someone caked in make up/fake tan what do you think?

I tend to think automatically about the teenage girls who kill themselves because they are fat/ugly/don't look like the fake excuses for human beings in the glossy mags.....and for every one that does the deed there are a 10,000 more living in misery and thinking about it...and for what?

Heavy make up doesn't make you look more attractive, it makes you look insecure, shallow and desperate to hang on to the remnant of your youth.

squoosh Tue 20-Nov-12 14:51:53

When I see someone 'caked' in makeup, I think to myself, 'they're a bit heavy handed with their makeup'. But no I can't say it ever reminds me of teenage girls who commit suicide because they despise their appearance.

People choose to wear makeup because they like wearing makeup, other people choose not to wear makeup because they don't care for it.

Your anti makeup rant is bizarre and over the top.

ifancyashandy Tue 20-Nov-12 14:51:53

ICBINIG, ah, so those of us who wear and like make up don't know our own minds? We've all been indoctrinated by the hegemony, right?

Do fuck off, there's a patronising love.

ifancyashandy Tue 20-Nov-12 14:52:49

*apologies for incorrectly spelling name.

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