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To get annoyed banging my head on the glass ceiling?

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Mosschopz Sun 18-Nov-12 15:54:21

I'm being interviewed tomorrow for an internal vacancy. There are 5 of us going for it and two colleagues also being interviewed are on close friendly terms with the boss - Christmas presents to the kids, poker nights, etc. Last week, at the end of a two-hour meeting together the boss sprang an impromptu 'discussion exercise' on us to get a feel for how we react under pressure. We were told it wasn't part of the selection process but would be used to suss us out. My two colleagues slipped into interview mode immediately and gave some very 'prepared' sounding answers. Later on in the week another colleague who isn't going for the job speculated that they'd had inside knowledge of the exercise. To be honest, it's absolutely no surprise and one of them WILL get I being unreasonable to make any effort in this whole charade?

Charliefox Sun 18-Nov-12 16:00:03

YABU to title it a glass ceiling. Glass ceiling would appear to have nothing to do with this scenario, which is unprofessional and smacks of nepotism.

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