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Punkatheart Sat 17-Nov-12 23:57:49

I was very excited that I would find a man that I could afford. Kind, reasonably handsome, interested in books, Scandinavian crime dramas, animals and my terrible jokes. The cut-price incentive was important....but it would never mean that I would not value him, or love him as he loved me.


WorraLiberty Sun 18-Nov-12 00:01:52


Leave the bastard before you meet him

If you can afford to

Punkatheart Sun 18-Nov-12 08:17:43

It's sad but yes, good advice, Worra....

Punkatheart Sun 18-Nov-12 20:24:31

Clearly no one else has been left disappointed - so presumably they have picked up a right little cracker.

Just unlucky, me.

ChristmasFairyLights Sun 18-Nov-12 20:34:35

I know how you feel, it took some dutch courage before I clicked on the adult fiction thread. Oh the disappointment grin

ChristmasFairyLights Sun 18-Nov-12 20:38:10

Oh, and YANBU!

Punkatheart Sun 18-Nov-12 21:53:34

Sorry to hear that, Christmas. Ah the deception. The expectation. Sigh.

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