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to be climbing the walls and want to talk

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ghoulelocks Sat 17-Nov-12 23:00:46

on friday i popped to antenatal for reassurance as i was vomiting and the cramps were worrying me. My aim was to be quickly told to stop making a fuss and leave. Now i can't escape. Multiple drips and still ketones in urine and very high pulse. I feel totally fine now and am going a little mad but can't until heart rate down. Plus no beds and on post natal. And it's my birthday.

OldMumsy Sat 17-Nov-12 23:02:12

Hang on in there it's very likely to be ok and hugs xxx

Sagelynodding Sat 17-Nov-12 23:02:34

You poor thing, Happy Birthday anyway smile

How many weeks are you?

ghoulelocks Sat 17-Nov-12 23:06:48

thanks. I'm sure it will be ok. I'm not worried as assured baby fine. I'm 32 weeks. I feel fine and if they didn't test no one would know it was high. I want to know why and leave. never had an issue before. Normally heart rate and bp could pass for a dead person's!

Sagelynodding Sat 17-Nov-12 23:10:31

My heart went a little bit nuts when I was pregnant with DS2, but for me it was a heart murmur. It went away soon after giving birth iirc. The cardiologist was very reassuring.

Take it easy smile

VisualiseAHorse Sat 17-Nov-12 23:21:51

Hope you're ok.

My heart went a bit mad too. My heart would pound so hard I thought it was going to break out! Stopped after the birth.

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Sat 17-Nov-12 23:25:25

how are you feeling now? Why not just enjoy the rest and the "fuss"? If you were 100% you would have been sent home!

Hope all's well!

ChestyNutsRoastingAnOpenFire Sat 17-Nov-12 23:30:23

Happy birthday!

You're in the best place and IME hospitals are always eager to get you out where able for your bed, so if they advise to stay put that's the best thing.

Glad that you feel better in your self and baby ok.

Ate you in a ward or room of your own?

ghoulelocks Sun 18-Nov-12 20:20:58

Hi, my mobile battery died. I've had the tour of the place. Triage 6 hours, overnight labour ward, 1 night postnatal ward (no beds on antenatal) and now on antenatal.

Apparently after 7 litres of drips and at least matching that on drinking I'm still dehydrated with a high pulse and 4+ ketones :-(

Seems to be a vomiting bug that kicked it off. Cheers to the parents who'v brought their little darlings to school with it this week!

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