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to think taking your child to see santa this week

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mumsfretter Sat 17-Nov-12 15:05:25

is frankly stupid.

It's bad enough people putting their decorations up this week but taking your kids to visit Santa in November under the premise of "it's for the kids" is utter nonsense. It is all about the parent and will probably spoil some of the excitement for the children nearer the date.

Sparklingbrook Sat 17-Nov-12 16:06:20

No, ours begins with a W Gear. it must be the day for Father Christmas arriving at Garden centres throughout the land. grin I wanted to go to Hobbycraft which is in the store but will wait til tomorrow I think.

FromEsme Sat 17-Nov-12 16:06:37

That's great YouOldSlag ...for you. No-one said you can't enjoy Christmas.

mumsfretter Sat 17-Nov-12 16:06:38

I think it's like everything in life best enjoyed to it's maximum enjoyment in moderation.

I have not been convinced that the excitement doesn't get diluted by the length of the indulgence.

Sparklingbrook Sat 17-Nov-12 16:09:10

I do take the tree down on Boxing Day every year, no matter when it was put up.

Pooka Sat 17-Nov-12 16:10:16

Way too early for Christmas stuff.

I'm of the school that thinks that delaying gratification and waiting until nearer the time is a good thing.

Even our local crazy lights man doesn't switch his on (which can then be seen from space and are visited from miles around - he's got charity boxes and everything) until the 1st December at the earliest.

Enigmosaurus Sat 17-Nov-12 16:15:23

I LOVE Christmas. I am at my happiest in the run up to it. I don't know why but I have always adored this time of year.

I've put some decs up today. When I was a child, we weren't allowed to even mention it until a week after my sibling's birthday, so 15th at the earliest and I was always itching to have the tree up and the twinkly lights and to have it all cosy and snug. So now I do it as early as I can.

I don't care what anyone thinks. I'm happy, my children are happy. Each to their own, eh?

Geargrinder Sat 17-Nov-12 16:17:56

It was hobbycraft I wanted to visit as well. The chain is a W so I guess they are rolling them out across the land, as you say, Sparkling.

Our tree goes up mid December and comes down on Jan 5th. Christmas will prob begin weekend of the 15th here, as that is when DD goes to a party at DH's work. We can do the tree in the morning to get me her in the mood. grin

usualsuspect3 Sat 17-Nov-12 16:20:35

Why does it bother you so much what other people do with their children and houses?

Are they forcing you to go and see santa? are they coming round your house and putting decorations up?

mumsfretter Sat 17-Nov-12 16:29:25


As I have said earlier, I think the earlier shops start the whole Christmas thing, whether that be selling Christmas goods or putting up a Santas grotto the less impact the actual event has for everyone. By people buying into the whole Christmas starts in early November the more the shops will do it and the less enjoyment for all.

It is my opinion that there would be far more wow factor for adults and children alike if everything started in December earliest. I just wonder when it'll stop October maybe?

usualsuspect3 Sat 17-Nov-12 16:32:59

Some people like to christmas shop in November. They obviously enjoy it. Or should we all do Christmas your way?

Shops have to make money, christmas is the time they make the most.Of course they are going to exploit it for all it's worth.

StaceeJaxx Sat 17-Nov-12 16:34:32

Well we took our dds to see Santa yesterday. They had an Inset Day so we thought we'd make the most of it, and hopefully beat the crowds. It was great, there wasn't another soul there. grin The kids took their time looking at the Christmas displays and it was completely stress free!

I think anyone who endures all the crowds in December is quite frankly nuts!

mumsfretter Sat 17-Nov-12 16:35:41


Of course shops will exploit it, that's exactly my problem. I don't like seeing Christmas stuff in supermarkets in October that will actually reach their sell by date before Christmas.

I personally think it spoils Christmas. It's an opinion.

usualsuspect3 Sat 17-Nov-12 16:37:07

Wouldn't you cash in on the biggest money spinner of the year?

Shops would be fools not too.

mumsfretter Sat 17-Nov-12 16:38:06


Of course but it doesn't mean I have to support or like it

Guitargirl Sat 17-Nov-12 16:52:53

We have taken the DCs to see Father Christmas already. We go every year to Harrods and get our photo taken with FC - it's become a tradition and we have a photo for every year since our eldest was born. It's quite interesting to see the changes in the DCs' reaction to FC every year (and less interesting to see how DP and I are ageing in every photograph!).

Anyway, why so early? Tickets are released August/Sept time and people get priority booking depending on how many points they have on their Harrods reward card. You have to have a rewards card to book. We are not exactly big spenders in Harrods wink so by the time we are able to book all the December tickets have already gone. This time we went on a school evening, picked DD up from school and went straight there. The toy department was quiet and it was the least stressful visit to FC we have had.

The toys in Harrods are often quite unusual and they have different things then you might see in Argos or Toys r Us so I keep an eye out for things the DCs seem to like to get ideas and then see if I can get the same things cheaper online. So, if it is a money spinner then it doesn't work particularly well!

5madthings Sat 17-Nov-12 17:00:13

i took my dc's to my local garden centre at half term for a halloween celebration they were doing ,they ALSO had an xmas display which my kids loved looking round (sheparding four small children round some breakable xmas decorations aged me ten years!) but they loved it and there was a little bit where you could write a letter to santa and post it, which they did and then you go back in two weeks to pick up your reply smile fab smile plus it was all free, so a great way to spend a day in half term doing something for the children that they enjoyed smile

5madthings Sat 17-Nov-12 17:01:34

and yes i have already done some of my xmas shopping and will do the bulk of it in the next few weeks i dont wnat to be shopping in the middle to end of december,stuff gets sold out, the shops are hideously busy etc, far better to do it in nov and get it out the way then i can relax and enjoy the excitement of the build up to xmas with my children.

YouOldSlag Sat 17-Nov-12 17:01:41

FromEsme That's great YouOldSlag ...for you. No-one said you can't enjoy Christmas

- but the OP said we can't enjoy Christmas YET. I'm saying to hell with that!

You said there was lots of expensive stuff around, and I said it needn't be expensive.

YouOldSlag Sat 17-Nov-12 17:04:23

By people buying into the whole Christmas starts in early November the more the shops will do it and the less enjoyment for all.

Bollocks- nobody is spoiling Christmas for anyone.

My kids cope fine with a 6 week run up to the big day and besides, many people Christmas shop well in advance for economical reasons. bring it on I say.

* the less enjoyment for all.*


FromEsme Sat 17-Nov-12 17:04:33

I don't think I ever said it HAD to be expensive.

I don't think the OP said that you CAN'T enjoy Christmas yet. I'm sure she won't come round and tell you not to. I just can't get excited about something that is the same every year and involves people spending shitloads of money. Maybe if I had a family I was close to it would be different, but I can't imagine being excited about something for 2 months every year.

MonsterBookOfTysons Sat 17-Nov-12 17:06:51

Our town are having the lights turned on Thursday and santas grotto will be opening till late, I may take the dc then as it will be magical with the lights going on at the same time.
We went a a Christmas fayre today which did seem early but got a present which saved me money, had I bought it next week it would of been £40 I got it for £5. grin
Santa was there but we didn't see him today smile

MonsterBookOfTysons Sat 17-Nov-12 17:10:04

Also we wrote a letter to Santa in the Disney store today, the dc did some colouring and posted their letters. For each letter posted Disney give a soft toy to a childrens charity.

YouOldSlag Sat 17-Nov-12 17:10:06

FromEsme, my earlier post was actually agreeing with you so I don't know why you're arguing! smile

Yes the OP is saying in lots of different ways that we shouldn't be enjoying Christmas until December. I'm fully aware she is not going to come round my house and take my decorations off me next week.

She is allowed to be all humbug until December. I am allowed to disagree.

Anyway Esme, I have a 3 yo and a 6yo, it is very easy to get excited when the first bauble arrives in the shops. I've waited all my life to enjoy these moments and I will remember them when I am an old lady.

I was excited in August!

FromEsme Sat 17-Nov-12 17:14:19

I just find it hard to get excited about stuff I can buy. It's stuff. Christmas is all about an over-abundance of stuff and I'm sure it depresses more people than it cheers.

MonsterBookOfTysons Sat 17-Nov-12 17:18:05

Christmas is only about stuff if that is how you make it. Today I spent £5 everything else was free.
We are going to about 7 church Christmas celebration next month too. smile

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