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To tell exp that actually no, he's not a good dad.

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iHaveNoIkea Sat 17-Nov-12 11:22:40

This is bound to be ranty, apologies in advance.

ExP and I separated before we knew I was pregnant. When I found out he told me to get an abortion. I didn't and throughout my pregnancy he stressed me out endlessly. Said he wanted to be around and would 'get rights' to his daughter (I never even hinted at keeping her from him). Bought absolutely nothing for her so I had to provide everything even though I'd lost my job.

Anyway, DD is now 7 months. We had a drama about a month ago where he didn't want to pay child support so decided he wanted a DNA test, I had to go to CSA, got loads of verbal abuse from him etc but seems to have settled down now. He sees DD for a few hours on Saturdays. He could see her more and I've offered for him to have him more but he's said no. He is expecting another DD with his new girlfriend at the end of next month.

I have just seen a Facebook status from him slating guys that desert their kids and that he's proud to say he's a good dad. My blood is boiling and the temptation to leave a comment is immense!! (I won't though)

Aibu to think that all the fuckwit fathers out there have changed everyone's attitudes to what being a good father actually means? That now, seeing your child for a minimum amount is being a good dad? If I had not provided for my daughter, denied her when I was made to (obviously not possible for a mum but ykwim), saw her only for a couple hours a week when I could see her much more, and still got pregnant pretty much as soon as she was born, would anyone consider me a good mum?!


PickledFanjoCat Sat 17-Nov-12 12:16:27

Personally I would get rid of him from your Facebook as he sounds like a dick. I can't see how things will improve when he has a new dd he will be constantly saying ooo I've got a new baby and even mother Theresa of Calcutta would find that annoying.

Could you keep in touch with his mother a different way and text her the odd photo?

iHaveNoIkea Sat 17-Nov-12 12:18:01

HAhahahaha hoping I absolutely love that, love Chris rock and its so true, always makes me think of that too. 'What d'you want a cookie?'

iHaveNoIkea Sat 17-Nov-12 12:20:12

Okay will def be deleting him, but would like to point out this is the first post of his I've actually seen he obviously doesn't use it very much so it's not like I've been sitting here for over a year looking at his posts and enjoying being annoyed by them.

Will have to have a think about wht to do about the rest of his family they really intimidate me

VBisme Sat 17-Nov-12 12:20:14

I really don't understand why he's your friend on fb, you aren't friends, he's irritating you and annoying you and posting pointed comments.

Just delete and block.

MakeItALarge Sat 17-Nov-12 12:28:37

Change your status to what hoping said and then block block block....

My ex tried to add me so he could see what ds looked like hmm he got told to either come and see his ds or fuck the fuck off!

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