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Miss Dickson Wright - what a nasty vicious racist woman she is!

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vivizone Sat 17-Nov-12 01:46:11

Well she fits in very well with the DM ethos.

Disgusting person

sashh Sat 17-Nov-12 04:54:21

Bloody hell. I don't recognise Leicester from her description.

Now I want a hotdog from highfields hallal bakery.

Pinkpeacock Sat 17-Nov-12 05:50:11

I don't think she is nasty or vicious, maybe a little bit of an over reaction. She is a different generation and has led a sheltered life. Nasty vicious racists are the EDA and Chelsea fans who ruin people's lives and kill people.
Personally, I think it gives middle class people a lovely self righteous feeling to sit back and attack unimportant old ducks like this one, it really isn't a huge issue and if you don't like it, change your newspaper to one that doesn't have a hard right fundamental bias. Simple as that.

Pinkpeacock Sat 17-Nov-12 05:50:36


Feckbox Sat 17-Nov-12 06:02:20

Yes you are

seeker Sat 17-Nov-12 06:42:23

Oh ffs, she's only 65! She's not an "old duck"!

Cozy9 Sat 17-Nov-12 06:44:43

She's entitled to her opinion. I sometimes travel through ethnic areas of cities and feel a bit uneasy, so I can well imagine someone born in the 40s feeling as she does.

snooopy Sat 17-Nov-12 06:50:47

She is an old duck, so is Anne Widdecome, it's not about age, it's about generation. FFs.

5dcsinneedofacleaner Sat 17-Nov-12 06:59:20

I dont know my sister lives in leicester and there ARE areas as she describes and when my sister lived in one she definatley was made to feel an outsider - down to the fact that her male housemates were attacked in the street 3 times in the year they lived there. Perhaps the way she has worded it is tactless but thats her style. I dont see anything wrong in what shes said. People are entitled to an opinion.

Zavi Sat 17-Nov-12 06:59:54

I think the sense of alienation she felt was completely understandable under the circumstances.

DownTheRabidHole Sat 17-Nov-12 07:02:50


It's "lovely" that you wish to live in a multi-cultural society and you're perfect fine with it. Some people aren't - especially older people who have had this thrust upon them. You'd have thought if they wanted to live in Islamabad they'd have emigrated 50 years ago, but they didn't - which tends to indicate that they're quite happy at "home".

You are totally overreacting and probably don't understand what "ghetto" means - and yes, there are ghettos. If you've never seen one then you're probably living some champagne socialist lifestyle where this idealogy does not touch you.

seeker Sat 17-Nov-12 07:15:27

"She is an old duck, so is Anne Widdecome, it's not about age, it's about generation. FFs."


Megatron Sat 17-Nov-12 07:17:20

OP why do you read the Daily Mail if you don't like it's ethos? That makes no sense to me.

HecatePropylaea Sat 17-Nov-12 07:17:35

She has a point about 'zones'. People do keep to zones. Largely. Of course there is some overlap, but name me any city without different parts of it where you will find predominantly black people, predominantly white people, predominantly asian people... etc

I've seen it. We went to visit family and friends in London and they all lived in areas where there were lots of people from the same country/of the same ethnicity (in our case black. Kenyan. Kikuyu.) It is bonkers to try to deny that this happens. People (not everyone, but enough for it to create a visible effect) go to where there are others they perceive to be 'like them'.

What we need, instead of denying this happens, is to find out WHY it happens. And see if it needs changing, so that people don't feel the need to seek out others like them and create a community within a community.

Do people feel afraid outside of the familiar? Is it economic? Is it about convenience? Is it an unthinking action? A belief that this is 'your' area? Is it about feeling connected to some over others? Feeling you share something?

People do do it. That is an undeniable fact. What is interesting is why. And if something could or should be done to make people feel differently.

Feckbox Sat 17-Nov-12 07:17:58

Have you read her biography ? I think she is a remarkable woman

seeker Sat 17-Nov-12 07:19:31

Oooh, downtherabidhole - haven't heard anyone using the "if they wanted to live in Islamabad ......." line for ages!. How cute!

Go on, make my day- tell me that "they come over here and take our jobs"!

MotherfuckingMorrisMan Sat 17-Nov-12 07:23:55

Bloody hell rabid. The daily Mail comments page would be right up your street.

I don't think it is anything to do with age or generation - just ignorance and lack of understanding. My mother is only in her 50s and when she came to visit me in my city she was very worried that I lived cheek by jowl to a very ethnic area, didn't like all the women in niqab. She is an ignorant woman who has lived in a rural area with no ethnicity all her life.

They are not bloody ghettos fgs. I feel peerfectly safe walking around the city.

And I am not a bloody champagne socialist. I am happy to live here and am happy to bring my dd up somewhere like this so she avoids the ignorance and casual racism that my mother is unable to move on from.

CDW is not an unintelligent woman. But yes I would say that she is racist.

DownTheRabidHole Sat 17-Nov-12 07:27:03

I chose to travel the world and experience other cultures, no desire to integrate in some of those - so that makes me a racist? hmm

People are entitled to their own opinions - I personally, and millions of other brits don't wish to live in asian (or deal with) ghettos. Get over it. You can bang your lefty drums as much as you like - and I shall bang my righty ones and say that I too would feel intimidated and uncomfortable in such an area.

I think I'd prefer to think of myself as xenophobic rather than racist.

womblingalong Sat 17-Nov-12 07:33:42

Wtf RabidHole, that is an attitude and a half! Lots of Asians didn't choose to be colonised either, or to be victims of racist attitudes and behaviour here in Britain!

It is entirely normal for communities to congregate together, expat areas in other countries for instance, Jewish communities in Golders Green, etc.

Yes Clarissa DW was out of order and frankly, racist.

MotherfuckingMorrisMan Sat 17-Nov-12 07:34:31

Have you actually been to one of these 'ghettos' rabid? Or do you just see pictures of them and shake your head?

I think the reason why there is an element of concentration in this city of ethnic people in partiular areas is because a lot of the families are second, thirs generation, have bought houses and businesses in the area, and this is where the mosques are.

A lot of the people were invited here. I work with someone whose wife's 80 something mother came over here in the 50s from Jamaica. I also know someone whose parents came over, with two bedgraggled children, when Idi Amin kicked the Asians out. These people were invited to come to this country.

HecatePropylaea Sat 17-Nov-12 07:37:11

When you say millions of brits - who is british?

My children are not white but they were born here and hold british passports. Are they british?

Many of the people in to use your example asian ghettos will be the same. Born in britain, holders of british passports = british.

Yes, I agree, people seem to group themselves in areas for some reason. but this doesn't make them not british.

womblingalong Sat 17-Nov-12 07:37:20

I think you would only feel uncomfortable if you're xenophobic or racist, what are all these Asians going to do to you exactly, do you think?

Softlysoftly Sat 17-Nov-12 07:40:13

Wow I was just about to come on and say she worded it appallingly, and her fear was ridiculously unfounded but I would prefer (as Hectate said) to find out why and prevent the "community within a community " situation we are finding ourselves in. It damages integration and increases the likelihood of them and us issues.

Then I read Rabids post and don't actually want to give her an inch.

pigletmania Sat 17-Nov-12 07:41:09

Major overreaction here. Of course she is entitled to her own opinion. My view of nasty vicious rascists are BNP, neo nazi groups and KKK

seeker Sat 17-Nov-12 07:42:12

"I think I'd prefer to think of myself as xenophobic rather than racist."

Really?<checks back through thread->

Nope- you're definitely a racist- sorry! But you're probably xenophobic too- here's a test for you. Our supermarket has a special aisle with eastern European products for the seasonal workers- how does that make you feel?
a. Oh, that's a good idea!
b. Incandescent with rage.

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