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To eat an entire...

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UserError Fri 16-Nov-12 14:27:40

... box of Toffifee for my lunch? The smallish box with 15 of them, but still. They are calling to me. I WANT THEM.

janx Fri 16-Nov-12 14:28:15

What are they?

MrsCantSayAnything Fri 16-Nov-12 14:28:28

YABU they were meant to be eaten for breakfast! You're too slow on the choc front OP

JohnBender88 Fri 16-Nov-12 14:29:43

Yay it's Toffifee season! Munch away, they are amazing! My mum buys a box for each of us as wraps it up because we all love them so much. Roll on Christmas!

KatoPotato Fri 16-Nov-12 14:32:12

I think YANBU providing you take a varied approach to their consumption...

let some melt in the mouth, bite the top off some...

I want Toffifee

pointybird Fri 16-Nov-12 14:34:11

Think I've had a sheltered life, I've never had Toffifee - are they nice?

UserError Fri 16-Nov-12 14:34:55

How to describe them... They are a rounded semi-circle of toffee, filled with some sort of creamy toffee and a hazelnut, topped off with what looks like a large chocolate button. They are HEAVEN.

I am eating them. I am. Nothing in the 'verse can stop me.

janx Fri 16-Nov-12 14:35:50

Hmmm who makes them they do sound nicewink

ecuse Fri 16-Nov-12 14:36:41

Jesus, Mary Mother of God where can I get these?

SecretCervix Fri 16-Nov-12 14:37:02

99p shops and poundland sell them Janx

pointybird Fri 16-Nov-12 14:37:23

Are they they 'pull your teeth out" type? If not Im going to buy some this afternoon!

janx Fri 16-Nov-12 14:39:33

I was in pound land today - how could I have missed them

Ooh, I haven't bought my christmas Toffifee yet. I bought 5 boxes last year because I kept eating them before christmas then having to replace them blush In my defence I was 6 months pregnant and chocolate, hazlenut and toffee are essential during pregnancy. True fact.

UserError Fri 16-Nov-12 14:41:52

They're sticky, but not dental-peril-causing-sticky.

I got mine from Poundworld today, they were by the entrance near the crisps and branded thingies.

Theala Fri 16-Nov-12 14:42:42

If you have Toffifee, you have to eat them all. That's the LAW.


Dillydollydaydream Fri 16-Nov-12 14:43:54

Mmm might have to add this to the list of Christmas goodies.

fantashtic Fri 16-Nov-12 14:45:55

oh god, eat them all. i like popping them out pop pop pop on the desk and eating them in one go

091972 Fri 16-Nov-12 14:47:22

YANBU AT ALL! In fact your thread has made me feel so hungry I've just had to eat my third Galaxy cake bar of the day/hour....

STOP IT! I've got to go to Tesco soon and I'm going to come back with Toffifee and Galaxy Cake Bars now! 091972 is it a Brownie Galaxy Cake Bar? You would never guess I skipped lunch would you?

rosieria11 Fri 16-Nov-12 14:50:56

I had 4 Tunnocks Caramel Wafers yesterday because I could. Didn't feel guilty.

RonnyJotten Fri 16-Nov-12 14:52:46

chocolate with toffee inserts are not bein unreasonable

091972 Fri 16-Nov-12 14:53:20

No just a bog standard one...never had a Brownie one but am intrigued and now want even more choc!

shriekingnora Fri 16-Nov-12 14:53:41

I have just eaten 2/3 of a box of chocolates. I was planning to eat the whole lot but am now feeling a bit odd.

RonnyJotten Fri 16-Nov-12 14:53:49

I ate a whole packet of snowballs last week one sitting

They are excellent!

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