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to be flummoxed at what to do with 10 month who vomits the moment she sees/ tastes critical drugs

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houseofpox Fri 16-Nov-12 07:18:42

Very tenuous AIBU but I need traffic..

We live abroad and, with another group of houses, have has a contaminated water supply resulting in Giardia for many of us. My 10 month old was put on Flagyll (horrific anti biotic, i had blood in my urine with 24 hours of starting it). She has it combined with an URT infection so is pretty poorly. In day 3, if we walk towards her with a syringe, she pukes, we put it on a spoon, she pukes. SHe was on several meds but is now only flagyll. She's meant to have 2mls every 8 hours and I reckon she got max 3 mls yesterday and none so far today. What do I do? It is really vile smelling, does anyone have any disguise tips for me? She needs to do the course, it's a parasite that doesn't go on it's own accord.

Our usual paed has just gone home for 10 days for paternity leave and I don't trust any of the other doctors really. We had her at the hospital yesterday for 4 hours for the upper respiratory tract infection, it's not flu or RSV (which her brother has!) and it seems to be improving so no more vomming on sight of panadol needed now.

LivesInJeans Fri 16-Nov-12 07:23:06

Probably not helpful but worked for me.... (Older DC) I was using syringe and neighbour gave the medicine and talked calmly to DC feeding treats to follow up meds

Sounds too simple

Pilgit Fri 16-Nov-12 07:26:42

Talk to the doctors - you state you don't trust them, but they are there to help. You may be able to mix it with something and so disguise it. You should also try putting this in the childrens health part as there are people who lurk there that might be able to give you some better advice.

Sounds hideous though and I hope you all get better soon.

houseofpox Fri 16-Nov-12 07:27:09

We're past that now. She sees the syringe with drugs in and starts to heave. The spoon almost worked until she tasted it..

mummymeister Fri 16-Nov-12 07:29:08

with eldest dc she had vital drugs too. used to melt chocolate and mix them in and feed it to her. good luck

houseofpox Fri 16-Nov-12 07:29:58

It's also the weekend, so the only option is the local A&E, so a last resort.

OpheliasWeepingWillow Fri 16-Nov-12 07:30:15

Can you mix it with sugar syrup / caramel syrup / Ribena? Flagyl is horrible :-(

If you have an iPhone this might work:

Lay her on her back, maybe on her knees facing you.
Play distracting app - Peekaboo or similar which squawks or makes animal noises with animation
Place string in corner of mouth and add a tiny amount at a time

Betray no emotions! If you look upset your dd will really pick up on it

Good luck

OpheliasWeepingWillow Fri 16-Nov-12 07:31:12

Can you mix it with nutella and put in on your finger?

minibmw2010 Fri 16-Nov-12 07:31:25

Can you mix it in a yoghurt or something similar?

OpheliasWeepingWillow Fri 16-Nov-12 07:32:15

Also Golden Syrup VERY good for masking horrible tastes.

houseofpox Fri 16-Nov-12 07:35:00

we've been trying the .3mls at a time in the corner followed by a spoon of 'fun stuff' but now the mere sight of a syringe and she launches into a heaving fit. TBH I was taken aback by her commitment to puking and do admire her for being so consitent! I've got quite a lot of the mixture so might experiment mixing it with a load of things. Mashed banana and sugar?

houseofpox Fri 16-Nov-12 07:35:16

Golden syrup! Inspired

houseofpox Fri 16-Nov-12 07:36:38

She is passed out at the moment, when she awakes she's in for a nasty surprise. The big guns are coming out! MN, you are wonderful. My friend told me to ask on here.

HELPMyPooIsStuck Fri 16-Nov-12 07:41:11

My friend squirts her sons meds into the fluff in milkybars.

BeaWheesht Fri 16-Nov-12 08:03:14

No advice other than what's been said but you have my sympathy - my dd (2) is exactly the same - needed steroids last week and would she take them? Would she hell. Mixed it up with yogurt one time which worked and another time I let her be sick so she emptied her tummy (wasn't after a meal) and then gave her it.

OpheliasWeepingWillow Fri 16-Nov-12 08:03:30

We used Golden Syrup for my DD's elemental formula. Tasted of axle oil but GS did the trick

OldernotWiser47 Fri 16-Nov-12 08:12:59

Change Meds? Tinidazole or Mebendazole will also treat Guardia.
I've in the past done all sorts, even to mixing just a bit at a time into strongly flavoured food, bread with Nutella f.e., a drip or so soaked into the bread, Nutella will disguise a lot. Are you sure she vomits because of the taste? Metronidazole(Flagyl) is well known to cause stomach upset and vomiting as a side effect.

houseofpox Fri 16-Nov-12 08:49:39

She won't let anything near her mouth. She's either crying in pain or asleep. She's now constipated, so the drugs have managed to affect her stomach in some way but she is full of wind and she winces as she cries. I wonder if we could just get her injected for a couple of doses to try and get her on the road to recovery. My only option is A&E as the urgent care clinic (the only place open) had a doctor in there who told me that my eldest had cystitis as she wore a short skirt.

Do you think this warrants a hospital visit? 20 mls water today, 100ml yesterday, 100 the day before with some mashed banana. Taken less than half prescribed meds (used panadol suppositories) and crying in pain. Am I being ridiculous?

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Fri 16-Nov-12 08:52:57

Yes I think it warrants a visit, and you are not being ridiculous!

EternalHope Fri 16-Nov-12 08:56:10

Try to get them prescribed as a suppository - it works well in France and actually (I understand) a lot of drugs are better absorbed that way than having to negotiate the stomach before entering the intestines. This was the only way my youngest could take drugs when she was tiny. Good luck.

EternalHope Fri 16-Nov-12 08:56:42

She even had paracetemol as a suppository. Fab. Yes, go to A and E.

OpheliasWeepingWillow Fri 16-Nov-12 09:03:02

Definitely hospital. How Are her wet nappies? An IV drip may help her perk up a bit and they may be able to put the medication in there intravenously.

Poor thing.

OpheliasWeepingWillow Fri 16-Nov-12 13:55:28

OP - am off to bed but hope all is OK

houseofpox Fri 16-Nov-12 16:28:09

Thank you. She's improved slightly and hospital were lovely. We're now home as she rallied while we were there! Since we got home, she has thrown up her yoghurt supper and also became unconstipated which is a benign phrase that does not reveal the full horror.

Dr want her back tomorrow if she doesn't keep anything down but she's kept one dose of flagyll down (taken with mashed banana and golden syrup) at lunch and also 90mls formula tonight. She's sleeping. I'm exhausted.

houseofpox Sun 18-Nov-12 03:42:28

So we spent the day at the hospital yesterday as she woke up with a rash (turned out she'd had roseola infantum) and was still being sick. They put her on a drip for 10 hours and added anti nausea drugs and then we brought her home as she was really perky.

Anyway, this morning she has woken up and puked again. It is never ending.... And we've given up on Flagyll on the advice of the Dr as he reckons she shouldn't be puking so much with giardia, she's more likely to have a stomach virus. She was added onto the giardia list without being tested as that day the first 8 people who were tested had it so her paed said to start with the flagyll. Anyway, I'm rambling and a bit confused but this place is somewhere that i can write it down.

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