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to say something to the teacher or is it not worth following up?

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saffronwblue Fri 16-Nov-12 03:30:38

DD, 10 goes to an all girls school. Lots of good talk in all the school literature about how girls and women can do anything etc.
DD came home from school yesterday describing the sports lesson in which the (male) teacher made a big point of telling them not to "throw the ball like girls". With lots of demonstrations and laughter about weak girl throwing.
As a feminist I am not thrilled about this linking of weak and laughable with being a girl. Should I have a quick word with him or am I being boring and humourless? I never know when to speak up!

flow4 Sun 18-Nov-12 10:59:16

I'm thinking back to my own adolescence, and the comments and attitudes I encountered, specifically relating to my body, my breasts and my gender, that all helped me to grow up thinking sport wasn't 'for' girls and women...

"Oo, I think it's time we got you a sports bra!"

"It's the ball that's supposed to bounce, not you!"

"You must give yourself a black eye when you run!"

"Girls should throw under-arm. It's more ladylike"

"Don't run. It's not ladylike".

"The boys don't watch girls' netball for the game!"

FromEsme Sun 18-Nov-12 11:01:26

Hrm, well, I don't remember any breast-related comments, but then I was flat as a pancake til I was about 17.

kickassangel Sun 18-Nov-12 13:19:45

Don't get me started on the whole under/over arm thing. Oops, too late smile

Throwing overran results in a faster ball. But throwing underarm is slightly more accurate. Throwing underarm actually strains more muscles and is more likely to lead to damage.

Even in professional sport women are expected to throw under arm. This makes them less good at throwing and carries more risk of pulled muscles. Then they get told they're not as good at it.

Why are women expected to throw underarm and men throw over arm? Just because women should be more dainty/feminine.

Thank goodness that women no longer have to wear tight restrictive clothing during sport which prevents them playing well. Oh, no, there was the Australian women's basketball clothing for the las couple of Olympics, and all that fuss over beach volleyball. Hmmm, perhaps women really are being prevented from competing as equals.

Btw, I would hope that if my dd spoke to me about something like this, I would deal with it appropriately, and it wouldn't shame her into silence. I wonder why exotic is trying to dissuade the op with such an emotional argument? If my dd had talked this through with me, it could well be that she wanted me on her side and helping her to voice her thoughts about it.

tisnottheseasonyet Sun 18-Nov-12 13:46:40

A lot of grips required in this thread.

But if you are going to be pedantic and nit-picky, it's hilarious that the first response was also sexist and potentially offensive to parents of young boys

"You can remind your DD she is the stronger of the two sexes"

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