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DH won't do anything with both kids ...

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devonsmummy Thu 15-Nov-12 11:39:08

He always says I'll leave Dd with you or that I have to go along too!
He's worked away for 2 weeks home at weekends but working during the day.
So its been me & the kids (just 6 & just 3) I have no family nearby so I've had them 24/7 over half term and taken ds football training & matches early on a Saturday.
Yesterday DH says he's on call at the weekend so could maybe drive to the footie game on Saturday morning in his van invade he has to go.
He's also offered (for me) to pick up another mum & her DS - I have no prob with this.
He just rang and said I've got my callous covered so I can go football.
Great I say - That means I don't have to go.
Err why? He says? What are you going to be doing then?
Nothing - just have some 'me' time for a change, I reply.
He then tells me he's only going to take DS & I'll have to have Dd at home with me.
I'm so pee'd off that the only time he'll do kids stuff is if I'm there or he'll only take DS
So am I being unreasonable to want a couple of hours to myself (which will no doubt be filled with housework/ online Xmas shopping) so not like I'm out partying!

Fairenuff Sat 17-Nov-12 19:23:01

Report it to HQ by hitting the 'report' button and ask them to move it to relationships.

Don't panic, there is a lot of really good advice and people can help you through it, step by step.

Keep posting for emotional support too x

SoftKittyWarmKitty Sat 17-Nov-12 21:26:44

This explains about gaslighting, OP.

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