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To want to punch The Hoobs in the face?

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fionathepink Wed 14-Nov-12 20:43:04

Or their writers?

This morning's episode is still grating on me. The whole episode, including songs was about covering your food, specifically cabbage, with ketchup. A whole episode and a stick-in-the-head jingle to toddlers that if you do not want to eat your food, just put ketchup on it?! They even declared ketchup to be healthy.

They may as well have sandwiched the episode with adverts from Heinz and claimed it was one of your five a day because it once spent 5 minutes in the presence of a tomato.

No mention of the fact that you could just eat the veg. DS1 loves his cabbage. My nephews put ketchup on everything, including spag bol. It's made of ruddy tomatoes, for goodness sake. Now I know that they probably watched that same episode of The Hoobs many years ago and this is where they got the idea.

DH & I both screamed at the TV and ran to turn it off. Okay, I admit this might be where our parenting is going wrong, using TV baby-sitter to entertain DS while we get ready for work.

However, I still want to shout at the writers of the show for coming up with that atrocious episode.

On the plus side, we found out that Channel 5 shows programmes with regional accents on a morning.

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