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to ask for help again

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devonshiredumpling Tue 13-Nov-12 23:06:59

i am sitting here feeling fed up. it will be my first christmas period without my dad being here . i knew that it would happen but i am not looking forward to the festive season this year . any thoughts you lovely people might have would be appreciated

whathasthecatdonenow Tue 13-Nov-12 23:10:30

My sympathies. My first Christmas without my dad was hard. I think you have to expect it to be difficult and just try to get through it as best you can. Plan time to remember him in a special way, and be kind to yourself. In my experience the pain doesn't fade, but you learn to cope with it a lot better.

meboo Tue 13-Nov-12 23:23:07

We had a different xmas the first year without daddy. We booked into a hotel in London on xmas eve, went to the theatre and went and had a curry on xmas day. I think it got us through it because we were somewhere that we had never been with dad and so it didn't feel so much that he was missing. By the second xmas it was easier, although difficult still. Daddys birthday is xmas day too. You really do learn to cope with it, although I am sure you think that's a load of bollocks as it is so raw still.

missingmumxox Wed 14-Nov-12 00:51:20

As suggested mix it up a bit, I can't to be honest remember my first Christmas without my Dad as he died 4 days before and 3 days before his Birthday, funeral New Years Eve.

My Mum died first in Nov and the first Christmas, we decided to stick to the original plan, which was a departure from all other years as in we had Christmas Day on Dad's Birthday Xmas eve, My Mum had become fed up with me and her never being both available at the same time on Christmas Day as we where both Nurses...well Mum a Midwife, so we arranged to celebrate on Christmas Eve and I requested a late or night on Christmas Day as I always did (single and money was always nice and guaranteed that I would get New Year off smile ) as did Mum as she had grown up children but we NEVER in 7 years both managed the same shift.

just occurred to me I haven't had Christmas with My Brother since Dad died...I think?..I think he was there?? that was 9 years ago..

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