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To say no to sleep overs at one set of grandparents

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TraineeBabyCatcher Mon 12-Nov-12 23:24:35

Genuinely don't know.

Ds frequently sleeps at my parents because my mum takes ds to school when I have to leave at 640 in the morning for uni. (We used to live with my parents if that had any bearing on this) it is only ever done as a necessity on a school night.
Ds's other grandparents have requested to have him on a school night and then return him before school. (they have him most Friday nights already)
I want to say no, as I have always said no to school day sleep overs unless necessary but I'm not sure if Iabu seen as ds sometimes stays at my parents.

MagicHouse Mon 12-Nov-12 23:26:55

I think if you're not really happy with school night sleepovers it's fine to say no. Most Fridays is a lot of sleepovers already, so they can't really complain.

McChristmasPants2012 Mon 12-Nov-12 23:29:26

for me as long as they would follow my routine at night and morning i wouldn't have an issue with it.

It could give your mum a break as well

TraineeBabyCatcher Mon 12-Nov-12 23:39:51

That's a good point mcchristmas. Though I'm not sure she will adhere to bedtime rules though. I guess we can give it ago, I start placement in 2 weeks so all arrangements will be juggled around again then anyway.

MrsCantSayAnything Mon 12-Nov-12 23:57:24

Why can't the other set of GP take him to school after the sleepover?

TheDetective Tue 13-Nov-12 00:00:01

No, I'd not be happy with that arrangement. My son only stays out if necessary due to my work.

I'd not want him staying on a school or any other night if I wasn't working the next day, as it is important to me that my son is at home and in his bed as many nights as possible, for his sake as much as mine!

TraineeBabyCatcher Tue 13-Nov-12 07:19:18

MrsCantSayAnything. She has a child of school age also, but at another school.

MrsCantSayAnything Tue 13-Nov-12 07:20:38

There's only you who can decide really....would DS enjoy it? That's the main question.

izzywizzyisbizzy Tue 13-Nov-12 07:22:40

If they can take him to school - what's the point?

AThingInYourLife Tue 13-Nov-12 07:22:53

Whether he would enjoy it is irrelevant.

It's a school night. He should be at home unless there is a good, practical reason why not.

Secondsop Tue 13-Nov-12 07:30:00

Op your mother is behaving very badly. I'd understand it if she was making a point about children having to learn about giving as well as receiving, but her issue is nothing to do with that. Her problem is that she was disappointed about not getting something for herself last year. It's all about her. So i think the comments on this thread about your children needing to learn that Christmas is not just about them being showered with gifts aren't really the issue here. Also, you're not being selfish. Your mother is.

Secondsop Tue 13-Nov-12 07:30:30

Oh god, posted that on entirely the wrong thread!! So sorry, everyone!

OutragedAtThePriceOfFreddos Tue 13-Nov-12 07:46:28

I agree with AThing. Your child should be at home on school nights unless for a particular reason.

He's not a toy to be passed around, if he's already spending two nights a week away from home, that's enough.

mrskeithrichards Tue 13-Nov-12 08:33:44

I'm all for sleepover but never on a school night, absolutely no need for it. Unless of course there is a need like work, hospital etc.

LaCiccolina Tue 13-Nov-12 08:44:54

The sleepovers appear to b for practical reasons only rather than enjoyment. So u can get to work v early. Therefore to me that needs to b a routine too. So the kids know its home/bed on a,b,c nights. GP1 on d or e and I'd say GP2 as emergency or if can b also done regularly. Naturally all need to realise its school, ie tea is at x, bath at y, and beds (no argument) at z. It's not a night to stay up late eating chocolate.....

Is GP2 asking in order to help or to enjoy? If to help then they need to accept school run too. If to enjoy/ feel left out then no. U need to re-explain ur week commitment so they see GP1 isn't getting more fun time.

Keep the practical first.

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