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To think that bad behaviour gets rewarded in this country?

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Bloodyscissors Mon 12-Nov-12 19:22:25

In the news today I have read that scumbag hate preacher Abu Qatada is to be released to his taxpayer funded life of idleness and hatred at the same time that some shitty BBC executive has quit his job after he fucked up and in return he has been rewarded with a huge severance package (which wasn't even in his contract).

It feels like the establishment is sending out conflicting messages. One is that we should all be good members of society and do the right thing, be moral, good little plebs and spend our lives working hard, paying taxes etc so we can achieve all that the god of Mamon will bestow on us.

However, it seems that the reality is that you don't have to work hard, hell you can even preach hatred and violence and you will still be rewarded with a taxpayer funded house and a life on benefits provided by the very people you hate. You can also give the go-ahead for a dubious and litigious television programme that might fuck up someone's life (because a colleague has a personal grudge against them) and instead of being sent away with your tail between your legs, you will get a golden handshake in the form of a huge severance package which the plebs that pay your wages would never earn in a lifetime, nevermind six months.

Forgive me for being cynical and angry but I am so fed up with the lie that if you are good you will be rewarded and respected and if you behave badly you will be punished.

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