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about my husband's snoring?????

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NoTeaForMe Mon 12-Nov-12 00:04:27

He won't stop fucking snoring! I have moved him, told him to stop (I know this doesn't work, but neither does anything else) , shaken him, woken him. I've ran out of options so now I have moved to sleep in the spare room...I haven't told him and I have left the monitor with him!

What I would like to do is stab him in the throat, AIBU?!

Rindercella Mon 12-Nov-12 15:06:44

OP, sorry I have reported your thread and I have asked MNHQ if they can change the title. I know I can hide it and I know you don't really mean you want to kill your DH. But I am feeling really crap at the moment about losing my husband and I am sure some other recent widows who may see it would feel equally as hmm

Sorry, I am not usually quite so sensitive, I just had a really bad night last night.

Wrt to snoring, I really do sympathise and perhaps your DH should be checked out for sleep apnoea. Good luck, you must be knackered!

lubeybooby Mon 12-Nov-12 15:13:37

NoTeaForMe Nope I don't have a partner which is why I haven't tried - I will do if I ever have any male in my bed regularly though. I was tempted to get it the other day but can't justify the cost when I sleep alone 95% of the time.

I have at least got as far as finding out what type of snorer I am though, which turns out to be the annoying type that nothing works for apart from the mouth guard things.

lubeybooby Mon 12-Nov-12 15:15:13

Oh and my DD suffers the same - but she is very healthy and fit with a bmi of 22 so it's not always weight related too. Damned bastard thing to sort out it is.

FatimaLovesBread Mon 12-Nov-12 15:16:28

Rinders Sorry for your loss

ladygoldenlion Mon 12-Nov-12 16:03:02

Rinders I am sorry for your loss too but it may be best to hide this thread instead of having it deleted as it is a lighthearted thread.

Cozy9 Mon 12-Nov-12 16:11:09

Buy some lazer lite earplugs from ebay.

CheerMum Mon 12-Nov-12 16:14:40

I have trained my Dh, when he snores I kick him. If he stops then that is okay. But if he keeps snoring then I keep kicking. It took a while but now he dutifully turns over in his sleep and that solves the problem.
He doesn't ever mention the fact that I also snore, he's not that stupid ( double standards I know)

NoTeaForMe Mon 12-Nov-12 16:15:18

I'm really sorry for your loss Rinder , I certainly didn't write the thread title thinking it would upset anyone. It is quite clearly lighthearted and I hope MNHQ can see that.

I can't sleep with earplugs, but also wouldn't hear our toddler if she woke and we're due another baby in May do earplugs wouldn't be practical then either!

Everlong Mon 12-Nov-12 18:09:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoTeaForMe Mon 12-Nov-12 18:16:34

Everlong the thread was just about to slip off the first page and then basically hidden! That's presuming if Rinder hasn't already hidden it away.

Everlong Mon 12-Nov-12 18:20:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 12-Nov-12 19:15:05

Hi there
We have changed the thread for this, trust that's okay by all

Everlong Mon 12-Nov-12 19:21:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

amg8329 Wed 14-Nov-12 11:18:31

Some things your partner could use to stop that annoying snoring:
- Sleep sideways
- Lose weight
- No alcohol and no tranquilizers
- Allergies influence snoring. Check if there is an allergy, and make them take a antihystaminic before going to bed.
- Use mouth guards (I've read this one before)
- Smoking causes snoring, too, as it damages the respiratory system.
- Keep your bedroom air moist, as dry air affects the airways causing snoring
- Elevating head 4 inches helps, too, as it helps to breath easier
- In times, taking some honey before sleep will help, as it softens throat.

(There were a few things I didn't ever think about before which are very handy to deal with this cursed thing)

I hope these tips provide some relief to your problem. smile

amg8329 Wed 14-Nov-12 11:22:27

Sorry for your loss, Rindercella. sad

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 14-Nov-12 11:45:27

Snoring causes a deeply burning irrational anger that makes me consider whether 10 years to life in prison is a valid option if I could just get some bloody sleep.

So no,YANBU.

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 14-Nov-12 11:47:23

Just read whole thread, so sorry for your loss Rindercella. Hope you are doing okay,under the circumstances. sad

Prudey Mon 02-Oct-17 14:56:00

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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