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to miss my sil?

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ditavonteesed Sun 11-Nov-12 18:18:30

haven't seen her since her wedding a year and a half ago. we have had a few problems with pils. pils spend a lot of time with sil, she moved away and doesnt get enough hols to come and see us, we cant afford to visit her, I used to phone her quite regularly but she never phoned back.
She paid for us to go to her wedding (it was quite a lot to stay in hotel etc) and dd's were bridesmaids. I wonder if she thinks we are on the scrounge becasue we dont have much money and they do and pils do. Pils and sil and bil holiday together and spend a lot of time together, we used to be quite close with pils until we had kids and then they have wanted less and less to do with us.
Sometimes the whole thing just makes me feel a bit sad
We went to visit ppils after our hold and sil was going the week after so we left her a birthday present, which wasnt much but was hand made (by me and dd's) and have never heard f she liked it.
I feel like money has put a major barrier between us.

ditavonteesed Sun 11-Nov-12 18:30:50

and pil have said they wont come and see us as it is too far to travel (3 hr car journey) but they often go to see sil (plane) as well as holidaying in turkey.
I dont want to go and see pil again after the way we were treated last time so I think any relationship with them at all is dead.
I darent phone sil in case she brings it up she once had a real go at me when I said something negative about fil becasue he had given us some money towards the house so could be however he wants to us.
I know she is having problems with her own fil.

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