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to think this shouldn't happen following a smear test

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YBR Sat 10-Nov-12 19:44:11

Basically since my smear test I've been weeing myself blush. It's when I sneeze and sometimes just can't get to the loo quick enough. It seems the process has wrecked my Pelvic floor.
My DD is nearly a year old and since her birth [and a saga following episiotomy stitches unraveling] I'd managed to get control back IYSWIM but this has taken it back to square one.

Is this normal? I don't recall it happening following previous smears.

RevoltingPeasant Sun 11-Nov-12 16:51:24

Guys, you should totally go and you should find someone you're comfortable with to do it.

Personally, I hate the whole 'modesty blanket' thing - THAT makes me feel degraded. Last time I had to have a vag exam the nurse handed me one, pursed her lips and said 'Cover yourself with that please'. I honestly felt like saying 'Naff off lady, I'm not displaying myself for fun!!'

So when I get smear tests done I go to a woman GP who is totally unembarrassable and shouts in a firm tenor voice 'Oh my, you've got a retroverted cervix haven't you' grin I really like that she treats it as though it's totally normal and it makes me feel much, much better. Although her approach is probably not up everyone's street!

sillymillyb Sun 11-Nov-12 16:58:08

Another one here saying please go, my last smear showed advanced pre-cancerous cells, and I can say hand on heart I was terrified. It had only been a year since my last normal smear so had developed really quickly. I dread to think what would have happened if I had left it.

Mrsdevere, you are a brave lady. Everyone go get your smears!!

Blatherskite Sun 11-Nov-12 17:03:23

I never have got the point of the modesty blanket.

RevoltingPeasant Sun 11-Nov-12 17:08:34

Blather - God, I know!! What's that about? They are obviously looking at your vadge, and you know they are, but you can't see yourself being seen - it's like some bizarre postmodern mindfuck! Always reminds me of The Handmaid's Tale where there is a curtain between the woman's head and the dr so he can only see her torso


addictedisback Sun 11-Nov-12 17:50:25

Can i join with the collective smear test? My mum keeps having dreems where I die from cervical cancer hmm I have 2children and in July got my letter to book my appointment.

My problem is I was sexually abused when I was young and hate having examinations. I did it when I was pg as it was for the dc amd important, but I just feel sick at the thought of just making the appointment.

Blatherskite Sun 11-Nov-12 17:59:45

But this is important too addicted. What if something is wrong and it doesn't get spotted early enough? Those DC need their Mummy.

addictedisback Sun 11-Nov-12 18:20:15

Blather without going into detail when I was 2 I had to be examined it was that (female) dr who abused me. being pg, its a mw who examins you and she's looking at the baby not you (or at least that's what I told myself) this is putting myself back in that postion with a Dr.
But I need to do it, I know I do. I'm just scared sad

Blatherskite Sun 11-Nov-12 18:25:59

If it helps addicted, I've never (except during treatment for pre-cancerous cells) been examined by a doctor, it's always been the practice nurse.

Would that make a difference?

McChristmasPants2012 Sun 11-Nov-12 18:34:02

Addicted I have read online that you can have someone to be there with you.

SmoothOperandus Sun 11-Nov-12 18:46:27

addicted yes, usually it's the practice nurse plus you can have a chaperone with you. So tomorrow, ok?

blueballoon79 Sun 11-Nov-12 18:55:15

I was abused as a child too addicted and had put off having a smear for 12 years. Just the mere thought of it made me feel sick and anxious.

However I have two DC and the thought of leaving them without a mother if anything were wrong made me feel far worse.

I booked an appointment and went in July this year. It was actually far easier than I thought and I left feeling so proud of myself that I'd managed to go.

I got my results back saying I was fine and it was such a relief. I'm still dreading the next one though, but I KNOW I can do it and so can all of you!

MrsDeVere Sun 11-Nov-12 19:03:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

blueballoon79 Sun 11-Nov-12 19:07:59

That's exactly what I told myself MrsDeVere, I'd suffered enough at the hands of my abuser and I didn't deserve to suffer anymore nor do my children.

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter and I totally understand your fear of hospital appointments and medical situations. I'm the same but for different reasons- abuse, two dreadful traumatic births and two disabled children who are constantly being operated on.

However the fear of my children not having a mother is far greater than anything else.

JamieandtheMagicTorch Sun 11-Nov-12 19:11:33

It makes me feel very vulnerable and it takes me back to the pain of childbirth, so I think psychologically it is a bigger deal for some than others. I won't see one of the nurses at our Practice because she is brusque, not in a matter-of-fact way, but in a stop-being-so-silly way.

But I so agree with others on here. It has to be done.

OP I do wonder if OxfordBags is right.

Concentrateonthegood Sun 11-Nov-12 19:12:40

Regardless of anyone's feelings about smears, please don't let anyone be put off going to get it done. They are life savers. Lost my dsis at the young age of 42 to cervical cancer and my own daughter is under treatment for abnormal cells for several years now and we are hopeful that she will be kept cancer free.

OP, it may be possible that you smear has given you a bit of a bladder infection which can also make you slightly incontinent. Hope you get sorted soon.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Sun 11-Nov-12 19:23:51

Oxfordbags is exactly right, I have had more indignities and internal examinations bestowed upon me since I got diagnosed with cervical cancer than ever before or probably would have had in my whole life had I not had cancer iyswim.

Really, a cervical smear every few years is a small price to pay for your health.

I'm not wishing to belittle people's anxieties aboutit but I've had blood painful examinations since having cancer, there really is no getting away from it. The pain and discomfort generally doesn't happen though and when it does it doesn't last long.

I was lucky, I'm still here and fit and well 7 years down the line. I count my lucky stars every time I look at my gorgeous boys. Many women aren't so lucky.

addictedisback Sun 11-Nov-12 19:33:37

Smooth I'm going to ring tomorrow morning.

Coffeeformeplease Sun 11-Nov-12 19:45:35

OP, please go back to your GP and to all those you haven't been for smears in years, please, please GO!

To those abused: don't let the abusers control you any longer. They have no power over you. You survived the abuse, you can get the strength together to go and have this procedure done.

I have my smears done privately and yearly now after an absolute disaster on the NHS. I got a letter this summer telling me I had an abnormal smear - a smear that was dated 3 years ago. I don't have to tell you what I went through.
I went to my practice nurse who wasn't able to get enough cells the first time, told me to come back in 3 months time (?) after putting pressure on her I got another appt in 3 weeks time where she again managed to not get enough cells and that was it for me. I went privately 3 weeks after, got my results 3 days later - all was fine!! and paid £80. The woman doctor was lovely, called me personally with the result.

puds11 Sun 11-Nov-12 21:56:05

I would just like to thank all the people who have shared their experiences, good or bad, on here. I really was just going to ignore my smear request, but having read all of the comments posted in here you have made me realize what an irrationally unwise decision that would be.

Thank you thanks

HumphreyCobbler Sun 11-Nov-12 22:09:09

my phobia of internal examinations/smear tests is extreme. But I still have smear tests, albeit with the help of valium.

If anyone are having trouble getting up the courage I strongly advise you to talk about this to the practice nurse or doctor. They can offer the help and support you need in order to get the test done.

SmoothOperandus Sun 11-Nov-12 22:14:50

Addicted and everyone else, back here tomorrow with our appointments, okay? Good night all!

Lougle Sun 11-Nov-12 22:18:27

I have a question. I was a nurse, so perhaps should know the answer, but I don't.

Cervical cancer obviously affects the cervix, but if the smear is just applied to the end of the cervix, how can they be sure that there are no changes to cells further up in the cervix?

I'm thinking along the lines of....breast cancer. They remove the cancerous area, then they check the margins of the excision to see that they've 'got it all'. So, obviously, the cancer is 'contained' in the area they've excised. If the cancer is more advanced, a woman may have mastectomy, etc.

But as I say, how do they know that those few cells they took for the smear are representative of the whole cervix?

loveschocolate Sun 11-Nov-12 22:36:46

For those worried about smear tests Consider going to a sexual health / family planning clinic. The nurses there do them daily and are very skilled. I had a bad experience at my GP's - unsympathetic nurse and painful and took me quite a few years to pluck up the courage to have it done again. The nurse at the clinic was brilliant - she didn't rush it and it wasn't sore. Will go back there in 3 years.

McChristmasPants2012 Sun 11-Nov-12 22:51:35

Would like to thank you all for the encouragement to go, told DH to remind me in the morning.

A few question if I may

1- should I refrain from sex a few days before hand/ use a condom
2- would it be best to book closer to when my period is due

Coffeeformeplease Sun 11-Nov-12 23:19:46

McPants, sex is no problem, and I would aim at middle of the cycle (the smear, not the sex grin although maybe you're ttc...), def not when you're due a period, as you can't have a smear when you're bleeding.

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