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to think that feminism should have thought about the consequences and set some rules.

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TulisaLover Fri 09-Nov-12 20:33:34

I've been chatting with DP this evening and mentioned a post that's been doing the rounds on facebook. It's from a lady sending a message to This Morning about the cost of childcare - on the surface it's a powerful post.

To cut it down:

'I am looking to return to work next year and child care will cost 810 every 4wks - this is more than our mortage!!. The government should help with child care costs.'

DP and I agree with it's sentiment - that child care costs are crippling families, but not necessarily with helping for the costs - he said:

"This is why feminism should have laid down some rules. Both parents earning an income meant banks salivated and started lending for homes based on both. This has forced up prices to cover this as house prices are a function of the amount being lent. Society as a whole loses, bankers win. What should have happened is when you have kids, both parents should be encouraged to work part time so that childcare is shared - or failing that the higher earner whichever gender should have been the one to work. Problems like this wouldn't have happened."

It struck a chord with me - what do you ladies think?

worklifedifficult Sun 11-Nov-12 00:28:11

I do not understand why people do not get that a programming language is a language, It had syntax, vocabulary its a precision, it had subject object clause. Which ever is your personal flavour it has a few keywords and yet we can make it so expressive. It has conditionals we can make it flow into the future or the past depending on how we want to make the code work... is so expressive, throw in numbers and wow the world changes.

TulisaLover Sun 11-Nov-12 00:32:32

Philosophy, logic, maths and programming make a heady menage-a-quatre.

worklifedifficult Sun 11-Nov-12 00:39:27

Thank you for a wonderful chat... its nice to be able to talk about something different here other than work life balance, kids and crapiness of bringing up a family... anyway i wonder if scottishmummy will tell us if she shaves her bits and like to get dirty dirty... I have drunk 8 cans of cheap lager this evening so forgive me

TulisaLover Sun 11-Nov-12 00:44:15

no probs mate, good chatting to you too. I've suddenly twigged - I read some of your thread the other day and I genuinely feel for the situation you're in. in many ways, situations like yours are why I started this thread. really hope you find the balance for your family. g 'night.

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