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to hide the fact that my home is HA?

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mykidskeepmegoing Fri 09-Nov-12 12:17:23

Hi all.
Generally i hide the fact that my home is housing association. It looks like any other semi-detached house that you would find in the suburbs.
Anyway, today i was paying my rent in my local post office and one of the women from my kids school noticed my rent card. As i was lighting a ciggerette outside she asked if she could have a word.
She had a go at me for living in my home because i work. Her daughter has just had twins and her and her boyfriend are finding it hard to get a ha home (not many round here). So they live with her and her other 2 children.
Private rents around here are well overpriced, so i was very lucky to get my beloved home. I'm dreading going to get my kids from school in case she has a go again in front of other mums. I don't want anybody knowing my home is HA.
After the year i've had, i really don't need anymore grief :/

thumper1806 Fri 09-Nov-12 12:19:14

I'd tell her to feck off and mind her own business.

Why is it your problem if her daughter had kids with no home to raise them in?

Fakebook Fri 09-Nov-12 12:19:46

Why can't you have a ha house if you're working? confused. The woman sounds weird.

AdoraJingleBells Fri 09-Nov-12 12:20:10

It's really no one else's business what type of home you live in, unless you are a millionaire living in an HA house, which I'm guessing you are not.

FayeKinitt Fri 09-Nov-12 12:21:43

But she doesn't know your circumstances? And it's not your fault her daughter decided to have children with no home to call her own confused

WorraLiberty Fri 09-Nov-12 12:21:44


MammaTJ Fri 09-Nov-12 12:22:06

Tell her to tell her daughter and her boyfriend to get jobs!!

I live in a HA house too, both me and my DP work full time but no way could we afford private rent. We do pay full rent though.

I also would not like the insecurity of private rent.

TidyDancer Fri 09-Nov-12 12:23:06

Are you ashamed that you live in a HA home? Or you just don't want the crap from people about it?

I can't tell from your post.

Either way, that woman had no business having a go at you like that, it was patently ridiculous for her to assume she knew all about your circumstances. What did she actually say, and what did you reply?

CrikeyOHare Fri 09-Nov-12 12:23:12

I would be inclined to ask her why her daughter got herself pregnant without having a home to bring the babies home to?

It wouldn't be any of your business, of course - but it certainly isn't any of hers how you came by your housing.

The rudeness of some people never ceases to amaze me angry

LST Fri 09-Nov-12 12:24:13

Worra confused

valiumredhead Fri 09-Nov-12 12:24:57

Did this happen in real life, seriously? Who are these nutters that come up and have a go at people? It has never happened to me at all and I even have a blue badge and don't particularly look disabled, I keep reading about it on MN and feel I am missing out wink

LunaticFringe Fri 09-Nov-12 12:25:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ClippedPhoenix Fri 09-Nov-12 12:25:39

I live in a housing association place and I work.

Yes, tell her to piss off.

HecatePropylaea Fri 09-Nov-12 12:26:08

Bloody rude woman.

HA houses are not just for the unemployed. What a shitty attitude she has.

But there is nothing to be ashamed/embarrassed about in living in a HA property. I live in one. There's nothing wrong with it. Tell her to sod off.

In fact, I'd be inclined to be a big bitch back and say I suggest her daughter or daughter's boyfriend gets a job themselves and they can privately rent.

I mean, if you were a millionaire in social housing, then that would be morally - although not legally - a different matter. I don't think the very wealthy should want to tie up social housing when there are people on low incomes living in B&Bs and hostels.

SunflowersSmile Fri 09-Nov-12 12:26:15

Incredibly rude of her.
Most parents at ds school in HA housing. Do not be ashamed and fall victim to ridiculous and bazaar snobbery.
None of her business.

mykidskeepmegoing Fri 09-Nov-12 12:27:49

I don't want the crap about it. Most people are skint around here and are stuck in private lets. I think some could be jealous too?
I don't know? HA home around here are few and far between. I've heard conversations between other mums about how they have applied for a ha home and are still waiting. They sounded really annoyed.
I generally keep myself to myself and stand out of the way. I really don't need that woman shouting at me at school.

WileyRoadRunner Fri 09-Nov-12 12:28:12

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

shesariver Fri 09-Nov-12 12:28:36

I think Worra may suspect there is more to this.

Everlong Fri 09-Nov-12 12:29:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nkf Fri 09-Nov-12 12:29:38

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Feminine Fri 09-Nov-12 12:29:53

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

mykidskeepmegoing Fri 09-Nov-12 12:30:36

@Wiley. I said that because i was lighting a ciggarette at the time. She caught me off guard.

mykidskeepmegoing Fri 09-Nov-12 12:31:36

You don't have to believe me. I just need someone to tell me what to say if she does say something. I don't want to burst out crying in front of people and look like an idiot.

nkf Fri 09-Nov-12 12:31:39

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

WileyRoadRunner Fri 09-Nov-12 12:32:33

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

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