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KelperRose Thu 08-Nov-12 19:15:05

Im ask­ing for advice and opin­ions on how you would han­dle this sit­u­a­tion

My son, 19, left col­lege ear­lier this year and even­tu­ally signed on at the end of August when the casual work he had at his Uncles café dried up and all his job appli­ca­tions were unsuc­cess­ful

Since then he has been sanc­tioned twice (once for being 3 mins late to a group ses­sion at no fault of his own , but which I think fuelled his atti­tude ‘of you have treated me unfairly so why should I respect you ‘atti­tude’

They then after the sanc­tion rec­om­mended him for ‘a work place­ment’ and he went to the com­pany (JHP) for an ini­tial inter­view and the guy there told him your here and you’ve been put on a work place­ment ‘as a pun­ish­ment’

He, rightly or wrongly walked out and said some­thing along the lines ‘being pun­ished for being 3 mins late to a group who’s best advice on how to find a job was ‘look on the inter­net for vacan­cies’

He also asked ‘if’ work place­ments were the great gov­ern­ment scheme to help peo­ple into work why are you admit­ting you are putting me on this for pun­ish­ment (his think­ing here was if he hadn’t been 3 mins late he would not have been referred for a work place­ment)

. he also asked ‘If I go and stick price labels on stuff at the back of a char­ity shop for a month do you really think I’d put that on my CV when I have skills and qual­i­fi­ca­tions already , what does that say about me other than I was unem­ployed and put on a workscheme’

They then sanc­tioned his job seek­ers again.….then sus­pended it indef­i­nitely . Then sent him p45 form say­ing he was obvi­ously not enti­tled to JSA as he did not want a job!!!!!!

We now have Alas­dair Dar­ling MP , and Andrew Burns leader of the Edin­burgh coun­cil involved too but , but this is my point.….….….….….….…

I cre­ated in part his atti­tude towards the DWP, Job Cen­tres and work place­ments so should I just suck it up and con­tinue pay­ing for him (food, travel, roof over his head, clothes, hob­bies etc) or should should I say .…’re unem­ployed and until you get the means to sup­port your­self your going have to suck it up and play ball with what­ever they want you to do for £56 a week

I’d really appre­ci­ate some views , thanks coz I’m torn between going ‘gonna my son It is shit, it wrong and I’ll sup­port you’ and ‘Well you need to stand on your two feet

mrskeithrichards Sun 11-Nov-12 16:32:13

Ah did he have his own thread?


midseasonsale Sun 11-Nov-12 19:13:01

You must be very torn.

Even with qualifications/skills, if he helps in a charity shop he is doing something community minded, developing further his interpersonal skills, learning shop skills and humility, spending his empty days doing something meaningful and showing good timekeeping in the workplace. He might even spot some bargains!

midseasonsale Sun 11-Nov-12 19:13:43

and get another good reference

foslady Sun 11-Nov-12 21:06:53

I'm now sniggering at his blasting of mid 40's middle class wankers......

I'm mid 40's, no way could be classed as middle class and worked since I was 14, and since the age of 17 (did 1st year of a course that didn't work so took a trainee job instead) and worked constantly with the exception of taking 1 extra month off after my 6 months maternity pay ran out and didn't claim as it was only a month.

And all that money I paid/pay in tax he's happy to take in whatever benefits he can 'obtain' that My taxes and YOUR taxes pay for and call me a wanker for doing so (and I've NEVER spoke like that before)

well, I for one am glad you've shut the fuck up.......

BTW, martial arts are based on discipline and hard work. If you were so fucking good at your discipline they'd of taken you on FOC.......

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