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To be scared of going to the hairderssers...

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DeathMetalMum Tue 06-Nov-12 09:46:15

I always leave it too long inbetween visits, so to start off my hair is a mess. I ususally have the same boring hair cut, thinking of trying something different is it normal to show a picture of what you want.
Then all the small talk I know they are only being friendly but I always feel so uncomfatable.

McHappyPants2012 Tue 06-Nov-12 09:48:50

go to a collage, they are far less chatty and it's alot cheaper

Justforlaughs Tue 06-Nov-12 09:54:25

Take a book, nost hairdressers will take a hint! grin. I have complete faith in my hair dresser (I go approx. every 3 years!) and just tell her to cut it however she wants to, something easy to manage, that won't look ridiculous as it grows out (as it will), and something that will suit me. I've never been diappointed yet. (Any way you can post a before and after pic somewhere for us to see?)

Sagelyhaunting Tue 06-Nov-12 10:22:24

I sometimes take a picture in, but don't expect the end result to look the same! I find hairdressers take one look at me and do a standard layered cut which is nice but dull...

I did the DIY Mumsnet haircut (see YouTube) the other day after a full year of no haircuts (skint) and results are ok, if a little tame for my taste!

I am going to take the plunge and do sideswept bangs next week.

And no small talk, just a constant stream of "What you doing, mummy?" from the dc...

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