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To think my friends dog is a little unhinged?

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Sparklyoldwhizzbangcatpusswhee Mon 05-Nov-12 14:44:54

He's staying with me while she is away. He has really pale brown eyes, they look really human. He has spent most of his visit scowling at me, because I'm here and his mother is not. It's easy to read exactly what he is thinking, and its generally how fed up annoyed and put upon he is, and how it is all my fault! He terrorises my own dog, steals his bed, insists on sitting on my lap to express his superiority...
The worst thing is his appetite! Ive always fed my dog ad lib, he is very conservative, and only eats what he needs. Friends dog scoffs EVERYTHING and anything that he can lay his paws on! If I am eating, he will sit near me and deliberately NOT look at my food. To the extent where I KNOW he is actually staring at it through the back of his head! He's doing my head in!

Mrsjay Mon 05-Nov-12 14:48:36

put him out the room when you are eating he sounds a little spoilt prince tell him off and let him slope off in the huff

Sparklyoldwhizzbangcatpusswhee Mon 05-Nov-12 14:55:59

I'm going to do just that! My friend is really PFB about him, she doesnt have kids and spends all day telling me how bad my dog is and how good hers is. He is actually my dogs dad, but they aren't much alike! Mine is a big floppy dope. Really laid back. Happy to just follow me about, tag along, sit and wait and play when he gets the chance. Dad is really uptight. Does the scowly thing if he doesnt get his walk at exactly the right time, can't leave anything uneaten, has to do things his own way, cant play ball or frisbee, insists on stealing them and not giving them back! He's going home on thursday, I can't wait!

Mrsjay Mon 05-Nov-12 14:59:21

he sounds really spoiled and set in his ways and routine I think he needs a time out grin

Sparklyoldwhizzbangcatpusswhee Mon 05-Nov-12 15:03:20

He needs something! grin

Ephiny Mon 05-Nov-12 15:10:23

I find it odd when dogs don't eat everything they can get hold of!

melika Mon 05-Nov-12 15:12:02

loved that staring at your food from the back of his head! grin
My boy does this.

TomsBentPinky Mon 05-Nov-12 15:13:54

Hahaha, my dads dog used to do this super guilt trip thing where he didn't look directly at you, but kinda ignored you sideways?! when he wanted something. It was awesome.

I miss that doggy sad

Sparklyoldwhizzbangcatpusswhee Mon 05-Nov-12 15:17:23

Tom, you can have this one if you want!

Sparklyoldwhizzbangcatpusswhee Mon 05-Nov-12 15:19:02

Ephiny, my dog does eat stuff, loves leftovers and food pots, but he doesnt gorge. Friends dog eats EVERYTHING!

TomsBentPinky Mon 05-Nov-12 15:22:14

Naw, I don't really like dogs in the long run, but this little dude was, well the dogs bollocks grin

freddiefrog Mon 05-Nov-12 15:28:52

My dog has perfected the looking at you without looking at you look.

It works every bloody time

He also has his about to burst into tears look which also gets me every bloody time.

I'd also find it strange if a dog didn't eat everything that wasn't nailed down, even if it was t strictly edible

LadyBeagle Mon 05-Nov-12 15:35:09

I love the 'looking at you but not looking at you' look.
That's exactly what mine does.
And if I ignore him he makes humphy little sighs, and lays his head on my knee, in an ever so casual manner.

Sparklyoldwhizzbangcatpusswhee Mon 05-Nov-12 15:38:11

This little dear monster sleeps on a bean bag. If he doesnt get his own way, he goes and scrunches it about repeatedly. scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, scrunch!

OwedToAutumn Mon 05-Nov-12 15:41:10

You can't really read all his emotions, you know.

That's just anthropomorphism!

< runs>

Mrsjay Mon 05-Nov-12 15:49:59

My dog humphs when he has had a row I just caught him under my chair chewing my laces i sent him off with a flea in his ear he is now sighing in his bed

ilovetermtime Mon 05-Nov-12 15:59:43

Is it just that your friend's dog is older? I know my dog has got more set in his ways as he's got older, and if he doesn't get his own way will sulk by lying down with his back to me. He's also started hrmphing.
Got to love 'em hey?!

Sparklyoldwhizzbangcatpusswhee Mon 05-Nov-12 16:50:30

Owed, I disagree. Spend long enough with any animal and you can learn to read it. Not necessarily its emotions, but definitely it's thoughts. This dog has exceptionally expressive human like eyes, and he is very articulate with his eyebrows!
He's always been like this, my friend is very strict with his routine, and everything else she does! god only knows what she'd be like if she had kids!

frostyfingers Mon 05-Nov-12 17:17:08

We used to look after people's dogs in our home and they used to come with the most bizarre instructions sometimes. Generally they were followed, however one came with "likes toast and (brand name) marmalade for breakfast, with the crusts off" - the said marmalade wasn't provided, nor was bread or the wherewithal to buy bread, so I'm afraid he got some of his biscuits for breakfast instead and seemed to manage. Also, we were told he was afraid of water - rather alarmingly he leapt straight into our not very big river and splashed about for hours! He was a really, really pampered West Highland terrier, barely able to be a dog he was so restricted (not allowed off the lead) but by the time he'd finished a week with us he'd had a fab time running about in our field, digging for rats and generally romping with our dogs.

I asked permission for him to be off the lead, and he couldn't believe his luck. It did take a while to get him clean and fluffy again by the time his owners came back!

I love my dogs to bits, and do everything to make sure they have whatever they need but they are not baby substitutes and know their place in my life (generally next to a radiator!).

Sparklyoldwhizzbangcatpusswhee Mon 05-Nov-12 20:21:05

He's now sitting next to the empty food bowl, yawning loudly! He's already eaten a weeks worth of DDogs food! confused

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